Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

Not two months after Anderson Silva‘s grizzly injury at the hands of Chris Weidman, “The Spider” has been seen weight training and walking around without the help of crutches. Clearly Silva is making a miraculously fast recovery.

Considering the rate at which he’s been healing, it’s not surprising that Silva has been talking about returning to the Octagon and that would probably be later this year. However, it’s a question of what Silva will be like following his recovery and whether he will indeed be the same fighter. One option that the former pound for pound king should consider upon his return is a move up to light heavyweight.

Now one might be concerned about such a move but there are several reasons why a move like this would make sense. The first is simply that there’s no Chris Weidman. Regardless of what Silva may say about what would’ve happened, he was losing the second fight.

The fact of the matter is Weidman has figured out Silva’s game and knows how to defeat the former champion. A move up in weight simply means Silva won’t have to face the man that took his title and defeated him soundly a second time.

The second reason is Silva’s record in the division. Silva has ventured into the light heavyweight division three times in the past. All three times Silva won via brutal knockouts against the likes of James Irvin, and UFC Hall of Famers Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar.

Granted all three fighters were mainly strikers and while Griffin is a former champion, he was still one dimensional. Curiously all three fighters tested positive for banned substances after their bouts with Silva, but that just goes to show how great a fighter Silva is.

A final reason why Silva should move up to light heavyweight is more a matter of money for the UFC. Before Silva’s loss there were always talks about a super fight for Silva. Obviously the fight between Georges St-Pierre will not happen anytime soon especially considering his thoughts about the UFC.

The next option would be the fight between Silva and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones who has been compared to a younger Silva at times. Obviously nothing is set in stone and time will tell where Silva will finish his career.

What do you think Silva should do following his recovery? Feel free to leave a comment and stay tuned for the next Best of 2013 list.