All anyone can talk about now a days is the UFC 178 main event title match between current champ Jon “Bones” Jones and new challenger Daniel Cormier. Despite Gustaffson’s injury, this fight has all the potential to live up to the hype and didn’t need child like antics to build it up. Both men are very talented and have awesome skill sets, they didn’t need to do this to make the fight more exciting. I completely understand this helps hype the fight up, but was it really necessary? It’s sad to me that the only fights that seem to sell now a days (besides anything with Ronda Rousey‘s name on it) are hate fights like this one. I love a good grudge match as much as the next guy, so don’t get me wrong.

It’s no secret that “DC” has never liked Jones for whatever reason. Jones is that kind of guy where he gives respect back to ones who give it to him, and Cormier has disrespected him since day one. Fighters need to be fined for touching heads at press conferences in my opinion. It’s primal instinct for men to not back down. If one guy steps to another one, the chances are they’re going to slowly close the distance on one another do to inner fear and/or to prove who is better. Neither man will back down. So, it’s obvious that both men are eventually going to touch heads, which will be 99% of the time lead to the more insecure man reacting the way Cormier did.

Both men acted like immature children when their parents weren’t home. Dana went on vacation, then both men acted like little kids at the school yard. It’s like substitute teacher syndrome, and poor Jon Anik was stuck in the middle. This is nothing new in the UFC, I just personally don’t think it’s needed. If two guys/woman are great competitors, then the competitive edge should be enough. Fans that weren’t going to get UFC 178, will now. So, Dana and the UFC should be happy right?

If every fight needs to be extra hyped up, then what’s the point? Fights should sell on their own, but I understand that some just don’t. Diaz vs. Silva will sell itself do to the anticipation and the star power in their names. This fight won’t need hyped up, but you can bet Diaz will still do something crazy to draw more buyers to the card, but that’s him. “DC” is personally scared of Jones, that’s why he did what he did. He knows he will probably lose and he knows he needs to keep his name relevant, besides being a horrible broadcaster. Diaz doesn’t need to light Silva on fire at their presser just to make fans more excited for the fight. The difference between Ali/Frazier and this hogwash is, both men hated each other but had respect for one another. It was a competitive edge. Ali knew he was the best, but whether he admitted it, he knew there was a good chance he could lose. Jones and “DC” just hate one another and that’s it. There’s no respect on either side, hence what happened a couple days ago. No respect for one another or the business they sit under and call their “work.” Anywhere else you would get fired for acting that way at their job.

No disrespect to Cormier, but he is a completely different person ever since he signed with the UFC. He was very humble in Strikeforce. Ever since he signed with the UFC, he’s more cocky, very arrogant, and straight up full of himself. I’m not here to bash “DC” and get Jones back. It’s a two way street. Jones may have been pushed in the face, but he had no right to shove Anik and throw a punch. This will not be over even after their fight. This will be a classic rivalry in the UFC, but not the good kind. Usually rivals respect one another on some sort of level. Even Sonnen respected Silva on some level. Jones and Cormier seem like brothers who hate each other cause they have different dads.

Grudge matches and some excitement at presser’s/weigh-inns are one thing, but what happened a couple days ago was nothing but a set back in the sport of MMA. Dana has tried to make this a league of men/women who fight in a cage, not kids who are jealous of one another and fight whenever they feel like. As much as it won’t happen, Jones vs. “Dc” should be suspended to make a point to all the other fighters in the back. Allowing them to continue to fight in September encourages all the other fighters to act like immature kids at professional events. A press conference is a professional event for the media, not a sanctioned fight. All this will do is make some of the fighters think it’s okay to be unprofessional.

Silva hitting Sonnen with his shoulder, Nate Diaz smacking Cerrone‘s hat off, Conor McGregor being rude, all this needs to stop. A fight should be exciting cause it’s a fight, not because said fighter went on twitter and called the other fighters mom fat. The build up to fights now a days resembles nothing but bullying. There are many fighters out there that do all this build up in good fun. They talk crap for weeks, fight, then shake hands and call it a day. This is a sport based on competiveness, not hatred. It just seems that the UFC doesn’t know the difference anymore.

~ Final Thought ~

Hype builds up fights. The battle between two professional fighters battling with tremendous skills to see who can overcome the odds and be the better man that day, is way better in my opinion. That’s why I still enjoy the WEC (cancelled or not) more. TUF trash talk and build up is one thing, two guys disrespecting their boss and fans by acting like horrible role models for the youth is another. Kids watch the UFC and seeing guys like Jones and “DC” (role models to todays youth) act like 5 years olds doesn’t help them in the long run. What happens when a kid smashes anothers face in at the school yard and claims it was justified cause he claims said kid put his forehead on his? “Jones swung on Cormier when he did that to him? How am I an trouble? Jones never got in trouble?” This whole thing is sad. Jones and “DC” regressed the sport, and that’s all anyone wants to talk about? Pretty sad to see where the UFC was going, to where it is.