“Bigfoot” vs “The Skyscraper” needs to happen

Spectators were not only shocked by the win Antiono Silva got over former top heavyweight contender Travis Browne, but by the destructive tko he deliver in the first round.  A week ago, Stefan Struve defeated another top contender in Stipe Miocic, and finished him as well.

Silva,who just finished Browne in the first round would be a perfect match-up for a guy who was knocked out in the first round by the same man “Bigfoot” just destroyed. Browne did suffer a hamstring injury during the fight, but fighters don’t or shouldn’t make excuses.

Plus Browne shouldn’t of came out thinking he was a ninja and throwing crazy spinning moves/kicks. He might have finished himself before Silva was able to capitalized. I take nothing away from Silva, which is why the guy the UFC was hoping would lose could spoil their day by taking out another new top contender in Stefan Struve.

The Fans need to quit b00ing the flyweights

I’m so sick of the “fans” who spend money on tickets to go to watch the UFC, and disrespect the fighters, especially the fighters who finished their fights. I would never pay to go watch someone at their job and criticize their work. Just because you are inebriated and want to watch someone else express your anger, doesn’t mean you have to leave your respect at home.

When you come to watch a fight for the UFC, you should have some patience and morals around a sport that is exactly that. This is not a barbaric fight to the death. Everyone loves to see a good finish (knock out , tko, sub, etc.), but when restless fans start being disruptive, they start to ruin it for everybody. These flyweights might not have the knock out power of some of these fat/over-sized heavyweights, but they have the speed and fight expression to excite fans over and over.

Don’t waste your money or time on fights if you’re just going to be negative. Criticism is always there, but these fans are fake fans as far as I’m concerned. Vince McMahon has a “show” for fans who want to act like kids, young or old. This sport is for real fans, not wannabe pretenders. If you think you can sit there and boo someone who is not only working but putting on s show for “you”, then shut your mouth and get in there. You know you just sit there on your drunken limbs hoping someone would fulfill a lost, traumatized past event.

Appreciate the lighter weight fighters. They are way exciting in my opinion, and work just as hard as the other weight-classes to do their job and put on a show for the fans. 

Watch the video below as Arial Helwani interviews Dana White as he comments about people booing the flyweights and the big win for Bigfoot.