With Christmas approaching it’s time to go over the annual Top 10 Christmas Gifts that the MMA world can give the fans. Last year’s gift list is here and there were actually a few that were actually game true. Here is this year’s list:

10) Induct Frank Shamrock into the UFC Hall of Fame

In all reality this probably won’t happen as long as Dana White is president of the UFC. However, he has made up with several fighters in the past such as Bas Rutten and Pat Miletich so this may not be a far stretch.

9) Give Miesha Tate a title shot

It’s understandable that Holly Holm was given the next title shot over Miesha Tate considering that she’s already faced Ronda Rousey but at the same time it is understandable that Tate is upset over the whole ordeal. Now there’s a chance that Holly Holm maybe willing to face her before facing a returning Rousey at UFC 200.

8) Match Fedor Emelianenko against a legitimate threat

To say that Fedor Emelianenko‘s first match since retirement against Singh Jaideep is laughable if not an insult or disgrace is an understatement. However, it will happen so he needs a strong opponent after this freak show.

7) Give Ronda Rousey a rebound match first

At present it is very clear that Ronda Rousey is a broken woman and to try and throw her back into a title fight may not be a good idea on the part of Dana White. Rousey should be given a match against a top contender to gain some confidence before venturing into another match with a woman who straight up dominated her from bell to bell.

6) Give Holly Holm a match before UFC 200

Holly Holm wants to fight before UFC 200, her manager Lenny Fresquez wants her to fight before UFC 200, her coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn want her to fight and all of the MMA fans want her to fight. The only person who doesn’t want her to fight before UFC 200 is Dana White who is making things difficult for all.

5) Work some flexibility into the Reebok deal

Covered last year and there really isn’t much to talk about other then this is a problem listed in the next topic.

4) Resolve the UFC lawsuit 

There are several points listed in the class action lawsuit filed against the UFC that have legitimacy to them and if it does go before a judge some of the points may go in favor of the listed fighters rather then the UFC.

3) Make CM Punk vs. Green Ranger a reality

The rumor mill is that CM Punk might be fighting at UFC 200 and the match with Jason David Frank has been talked about among fans as the most ideal fight considering the records of both men and their respective ages.

2) Sign Ben Askren to the UFC

Ben Askren is halfway through his One Championship contract of six fights so if he fights three more times he could be signed at the end of the year. Regardless of what Dana White says he’s a high level fighter.

1) More weight cutting regulations

There has been progress but more needs to be made all things taken into consideration between the incidents.

For the occasion here is an old but still entertaining MMA rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Merry Christmas from MMA Freak