Ronda Rousey and the Diaz brothers

Ronda Rousey and the Diaz brothers are probably some of the most controversial athletes in the MMA industry, if not some of the most popular. Their antics are somewhat comparable in that they all act out at times and also have a tendency to talk before they can think. However, there are some fundamental differences between the Diaz’s and Rousey despite the fact that they are often associated with each other and aren’t afraid to mention it. Because of how much of a firestorm they stir up, I thought I would take the time to compare and contrast Rousey and the Diaz’s so people can see how though they maybe similar, they are some distinct characteristics that sets Rousey apart from the Stockton natives and clearly proves anyone who calls her the “third Diaz brother” wrong:


There have been times in the past where both Rousey and the Diaz’s have been known for their smack talk. In fact the Diaz brothers still have  a tendency to smack talk right up to the fight and only show any respect for their opponents after the fight. Rousey on the other hand is usually respectful to her opponents and fighters in general (unless her opponents are Meisha Tate or Cris “Cyborg” Justino). She was actually seen joking around with Sara McMann during the photo shoot for UFC 170 and in a deleted scene actually brought former opponent Liz Carmouche to a Team Rousey training session for TUF 18, even going so far as to allow Carmouche to demonstrate some moves on her. This extends far beyond smack talk as Rousey is more calm in general whereas the Diaz’s, Nick in particular, shows aggression.


There’s little doubt that despite their mouths or behavior, Rousey, Nick and Nate Diaz are all spectacular fighters. However, they excel in certain areas more then others. The Diaz’s are of course known for their boxing and BJJ. However, they have been known to be either outdone by better, more intense strikers, or by wrestlers who can ground and pound them. Rousey on the other hand started out with just her trademark arm bar but has rounded out her fight game. This became obvious when Rousey finished McMann with a knee to the liver.


This is more of a field that is really dependent on the gender, but there’s no doubt that Rousey is the best looking between herself and the Diaz’s. She’s a beautiful woman who isn’t shy to don a bikini for a photo shoot or primp herself up a little bit. Both Nick and Nate on the other hand probably won’t be getting any looks from women who react that way to Luke Rockhold. In fact if they look good on anything it’s because they’re facing off against an opponent for a poster or product. However, they don’t seem to care as is the case with everything.

Do you think Ronda Rousey is more like the Diaz brothers or less like them? Feel free to leave a comment!