Conor McGregor

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

The UFC and MMA have spent many, many, years degreasing the persona of people thinking of MMA as human cockfighting. When MMA first emerged on the scene, it was mainly full of “street” fighters and guys who’d spent their whole lives up to this point, fighting and bulling the likes of other men.

The UFC didn’t even have weight-classes when they first arrived. Fighting someone weaker than you or choosing to fight someone only because the odds are on your side is the complete definition of a bully.

Dana White and the UFC have came along way on changing how people look at the world of MMA, and it didn’t take long for guys like Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor to break the pedestal. The difference is, Chael does it more for show, while McGregor just doesn’t seem to know to act in the spotlight. The UFC has hyped up McGregor beyond repair, but who really enjoys a bully? Being bullied in high school, I can’t stand when guys act like jerks.

After a lack luster win over Max Hollaway on FS1, McGregor wasted no time on revealing his true colors. He went on record disrespecting almost everyone in his division. I’m not saying you need to be friends with anyone in your organization, let alone your division. The Diaz brothers are masters of controversy, but they aren’t even as bad the Irishmen when it comes to their own division(s).

They steer clear, and when it’s time to fight they put on a show. McGregor instead is going out of his way to pick fights (like a bully) with everyone. The Diaz brothers fight the fights, and it seems like Conor is just out to pick them. This isn’t a school yard, this is supposed to be a professional fight league. So act professional.

McGregor went on record calling Cub Swanson “boring,” and Dustin Poirier a “Peehead.” He also went on record disrespecting Clay Guida, Chad Mendes and others. This is not a fighter the UFC needs to promote. Fans will get the wrong idea watching a guy like McGregor.

True fighters like Jose Aldo, Chris Weidman and GSP let their actions speak for themselves, not attack someone via a verbal beat-down. Do you really want your kids thinking it is okay to talk negative of someone you don’t like and pick a fight with them?

If someone doesn’t show you respect, I wouldn’t show them respect either, but no one has disrespected McGergor, especially the way he has been disrespecting the organization that hired him.

After McGregor pissed off everyone in his division, he wasted no time starting other fires in other divisions. Why is he even bothering other fighters in other weight-classes? Conor went to twitter to attack Diego Sanchez, calling him fat. I don’t think Conor understands the social media, as many others don’t as well. It’s not an area to bully others. Sanchez has responded to McGregor’s actions via the twitter universe and would love to fight the new bully of the UFC.

The biggest problem I have with Conor is, he’s simply fake, or maybe he is finally being real. When he fought under lower mma brands, he was a very humble fighter. He would beat you up, then raise your hands and condone good sportsmen-ship.

He didn’t need to talk a big game, he just backed it all up in the cage like a true mma fighter. Since entering the UFC, he has a whole new persona. He is arrogant, cocky, and just flat out rude.

This is not professional wrestling. I wish the UFC would stop letting fighters pick fights with their mouths, and instead just do what they did for over 10 years, and just sign fights they know the fans will love. Instead, now they promote fighters like McGregor, Bisping, and other smack-talkers, and use their anger to help promote fights.

All this does is make their brand look weak. Any fan that enjoys this is no better than McGregor. Probably the same guys that rip wings off flies and kick stray cats for nor reason.

McGregor is not only a joke, but now considered a big bully by many. Not only has he talked crap to promote fights, but now he can’t event back it up. I guarantee Cub Swanson would have fought him next week if Conor was healthy. McGregor knew his injury would keep him sidelined for awhile, so I guess he used his mouth to stay relevant upon his return.

He is like the guy who makes eye contact (in a negative way) with you at the bar, and waits until he gets to the doorway to throw a beer bottle at you. By the time you get there, he is already gone. He talked so much crap, and now is out for 10 months. What was the point of running your mouth if you can’t even back it up?

A true bully couldn’t even answer that question because it’s not a true bullies MO. McGregor might be the UFC’s most hyped fighter since Brock Lesnar, but he’s also more hated than Lesnar as well. If I ran an mma company, I would want true fighters who can be hyped as role models, not bullies.

I have a new born son and I will never let him act the way McGregor does. I will teach him respect, loyalty, and honor. Conor seemed to have these attributes before joining the UFC, but he must have left them in the CWFC. This isn’t a sport where using your mouth is a big deal.

Guys like Sonnen have made it confusing for guys who don’t see the humor behind it. McGregor has no humor behind his verbal attacks, just hatred. The UFC will hype up hate and much as they will love. I just wish this would stop.

You don’t need to like every fighter, but with guys like McGregor not even really giving us a choice, it seems to be turning into a heel/babyface effect like professional wrestling organizations. This is not something I want to be a part of. I watch wrestling and MMA because they are different.

If they just start acting the same, then what’s the real difference between the two? In mma, the fights will still be real, but the hype will start to become irrelevant. Fighters like McGregor are bad for the sport in my opinion. If the UFC keeps promoting this, by the time it’s a real problem, it will be too late to solve.