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The moment it was announced that Anderson Silva would be moving up a weight class and his next opponent would be Stephan Bonnar, the cries went out that its a publicity stunt on the part of the UFC, that the fight is meaningless, and Stephan Bonnar has no chance of beating the most dominant man in the history of the UFC. Even Rocky had a better underdog shot of winning than Bonnar does.

For those of you that still feel that way, I say go bet your money on Silva but don’t come crying to me if you don’t get your chance to collect because the American Psycho just may have the tools to get the job done.

Everyone is quick to count out the TUF 1 finalist in this bout but make no mistake about it, Bonnar will come in ready to shock the world in this opportunity of a lifetime.

Watch the video below as Bonnar and Silva prepare to square off next Saturday night live on PPV.


Bonnar comes in boasting a solid 14-7 record with his losses coming to some of the most recognizable and decorated names in the sport. Lyoto Machida, Forrest Griffin, Mark Coleman, Rashad Evans, Jon Jones and Krzysztof Soszynski are the only men able to solve Bonnar and not one was able to finish him. You can also make the argument Soszynski’s win was due to a cut caused by an inadvertent head butt and Bonnar rebounded to win the re-match in a fight of the night at UFC 116.

Add to that the fact Bonnar is a black belt in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo it makes him one of the most well rounded opponents to ever step in front of Silva.

The American Psycho also has the distinction of never being knocked out or submitted in a fight which against a striker the caliber of Silva isn’t a bad quality to have.

If Silva wants to stand and trade shots, don’t expect Bonnar to fold like a cheap tent to his power and if the fight goes to the ground its just another reason for Bonnar to display his excellent ground skills.

The single biggest mistake a fighter makes when going into a fight with Silva is getting caught up in the hype and we witnessed what can happen when the hype fails to intimidate.

Chael Sonnen set new records for trash talking in the lead up to his first encounter with Silva and backed it all up before miraculously getting caught late in the fifth round by a triangle choke. The second time around was no different and Sonnen took the fight to Silva again in the first round and then decided to audition for “Dancing With The Stars” early in the second round which cost him the TKO loss.

Bonnar is not a guy to be caught up in the hype of any fighter and will come in to this bout more prepared than ever before. If Anderson Silva has any intentions of taking this fight lightly it will prove to be the end of the most dominant reign in UFC history.

Contributing Writer – Shaun MacQuarrie

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