Episode 6

The day before the fights the trio of Dana White, Matt Serra and Nick the Tooth all go camping in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Despite the fact that Dana is the one who arranged the whole experience, he admits that he’s not the biggest fan of camping and Matt has said that he hasn’t gone camping in a while as well.

Dana becomes even more apprehensive of the situation when their survivalist guide Ron tells them that bobcats, coyotes and mountain lions are in the area.

When they guys start to scout out an area to set up camp, they find an animal skull. Despite Dana and Matt are a little worried about the situation, the constantly joking Nick licks the skull and then takes one of the teeth out and places it where his missing tooth was.

It becomes obvious that Dana and Matt don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to pitching a tent.

They then start chopping wood for fire and Dana gets a blister while not delivering much power with the ax. Matt on the other hand delivers a lot more power and chops the wood more easily.

Afterwards Ron brings out his guns and they all go shooting. Matt takes ten minutes to finally take a shot whereas Dana takes nowhere near as long and actually hits the target.

Nick and Ron then go hunting for worms so that the three can go fishing and when they get back Nick eats some of the worms and grosses Dana and Matt out so much that Dana starts dry heaving.

Following an boating accident and eating some pheasant by the fire, Dana sleeps in the tent with three pillows and puts on his jacket during the night.

The trio finally meet Robbie Lawler at Resurrection Fighting Alliance 37 and Dana is so impressed with fighters Matthew Lopez and Devin Clark that he signs them to fight at UFC Fight Night: McDonald vs. Lineker.

Episode 7

For their trip to Los Angeles, Matt and Dana are joined by Din Thomas as Nick is not able to join them for an unstated reason.

Some of their stops include Randy’s Donuts, the vegan restaurant Crossroads and the Laugh Factory.

Another stop is that of the show Kingdom which follows a fight team whose coach is portrayed by Frank Grillo.

They also attend a charity basketball game in Compton sponsored by rapper The Game and also attended by Nate Diaz who receives compliments for submitting Conor McGregor.

Later at RFA 38, White is so impressed by Albert Morales’ performance that he signs him to a fight contract with the UFC.