Episode 3

Before the trio flies off to Kansas, Dana White decides to indulge in a fantasy he’s always had which is to get tased.

All three men receive jolts at the same time for five seconds and Nick the Tooth is the most vocal while White and Matt Serra tough it out.

The first place they visit is a restaurant called Bite Me where they help prepare barbecued pork. Nick because of his vegetarian lifestyle is grossed out by the whole experience.

Afterwards they go to several farms and proceed to partake in farming chores.

While they have a good experience in Kansas the Evolution Fighting Championship event was mediocre and the trio returns to Las Vegas for their next stop.

In Nevada, Dana arranges for Matt to go off roading with a championship racer. During the race, Serra throws up several times.

Once they are done they return to Las Vegas where they stop by a restaurant called Four Keggs where they proceed to make strombollie.

Before the fights that night the trio meets with illusionist Chris Angel who teaches them the art of prediction rather then actual magic.

That night Dana takes the three men to the MGM Grand Garden Arena to watch UFC Fight Night 82 in which Mickey Gail defeats Mike Jackson and gets a chance to welcome Phil “CM Punk” Brooks to the UFC.

Episode 4

The trio flies to Minneapolis, Minnesota where they first practice with a heavy metal band for a performance the following night. Dana doesn’t do too well on the drums and Serra doesn’t do too well on the vocals whereas Nick is in a band and does fine during practice.

Following the practice Nick and Matt travel to a snowboarding area while Dana takes care of some business errands. Nick does really well at the snowboarding whereas Matt does horribly.

Next, Matt and Nick visit a local gym and Serra teaches the gym members several BJJ moves.

While traveling to their next destination, Serra has an emotional Skype session with his daughter.

Before the fight night, the trio discuss that night’s card at the 5-8 Club. A prospect named Cody East who is heavyweight he essentially a win away from a sign.

All three men go to Legacy FC 51 which White refers to as the best second tier promotion.

East wins his match and White signs him to the UFC to make his debut at UFC 197 this weekend.