In episode 1 after the pilot for the series, Dana White, Matt Serra and Nick “The Tooth” first arrive in Philadelphia.

On the ride to their first destination, Serra has to go to the bathroom and can’t wait so he resorts to urinating in a Starbucks cup which disgusts White and Nick.

They arrive at a restaurant called Geno’s where (after Serra throws away the urine filled cup) the trio starts cooking Philly Cheesestreak Sandwiches. White has two sandwiches while Serra has one. Nick on the other hand is a vegan and demands to be served only mushrooms and onions.

Afterwards the trio attend a Philadelphia Flyers game and take the time before the game to hit the ice and have some fun. Of note is that Nick arrives with a New York Rangers jersey to put on.

Both Serra and White have trouble ice skating whereas Nick is rather proficient in ice skating and makes more then a few shots.

At the fight card that night, The Ultimate Fighter: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn winner Corey Anderson corners one of his fighters who proceeds to under perform in his fight.

However, one of the winners Mickey Gail proceeds to call out Phil “CM Punk” Brooks after his match which intrigues White.

The following day the trio arrive in Atlantic City, New Jersey and immediately partake in a challenge called the Arctic Plunge.

White and Serra are able to plunge into the icy Atlantic Ocean once in swim trunks but Nick runs back into the card naked, to the chagrin of Serra and White.

Following the Arctic Plunge, the trio travel to a local candy shop where White wants to help create Salt Water Taffy.

The employee proceed to explain to White that the name came from an incident where a candy maker created all of his taffy but afterwards a flood from the sea ruined his taffy.

The trio start helping to create the taffy and the employee compliments White on his creative ability whereas Serra criticizes Nick for constantly spiking his hair and then touching the taffy with his hands.

Afterwards the trio attend Ring of Combat 53 which has produced such UFC stars like Chris Weidman and Uriah Hall. 

While there Serra has an altercation with a man who said some unkind words when Serra lost the UFC Welterweight Championship to Georges St.-Pierre.

Of note is that Gail is set to face Mike Jackson at the upcoming UFC Fight Night: Hendricks vs. Thompson fight card and should he win he will in fact face CM Punk sometime this year.