Episode two opens with Dana White and Nick “The Tooth” meeting up with Matt Serra in Las Vegas before the three fly to Alaska.

On the flight over, Serra and Nick have words after Serra watched the pilot episode and had words with Nick about his claim he and Serra have grappling to settle. Serra proceeds to grapple Nick and submit Nick on the bed and in table room on the flight.

Upon arrival it is night and Nick comments that it’s colder then when he traveled to Moscow, Russia.

At 10pm that night, Nick knocks on Serra’s door and Serra opens it naked due to the fact that he lost his bag.

The following day the trio ride a boat to a nearby glacier where Nick and Serra go paddle boarding. Nick has the duty of helping Serra into a wet suit which is an task due to Serra’s shape.

White doesn’t go paddle boarding due to the fact that he has a tendency to shiver violently in cold whether.

After a near encounter in which Serra almost falls into the water when near the boat, Nick jumps off the boat and proceeds to go wake boarding in the cold whether.

Next the men go to a reserve where moose and bears and kept. Dana pets a moose before a caretaker approaches from behind and orders them away from the fence as the moose are aggressive due to mating season. They next walk to the black bear and grizzly bear enclosures which makes the three nervous.

Before the fight the group travels to a restaurant called Humpy’s which has something called the Kodiak Arrest Challenge. Dana’s security man Kea proceeds to partake in the challenge in which he’s able to eat seven crab cakes, one foot of reindeer sausage, three pounds of Alaskan king crab with side dishes and wild berry crisp with ice cream within ninety minutes.

Afterwards the trio watch an Alaska Fighting Championship event in which Serra proceeds to do some back stage coaching and White is impressed with one fighter who was winning his fight before he was submitted in the final round. Dana laments that had he won he would’ve been invited to participate in The Ultimate Fighter.

The next day Serra teaches at a local BJJ academy and grapples with Nick and submits him multiple times.

Finally the three go dog sledding with a three time Iditarod Champion.