Late last year Dana White announced that he would be releasing a series called Looking for a Fight in which he would be traveling around the country to find hidden rising talent. The pilot was released on September 29th.


During the introduction, White talks about how when he first bought the UFC, he himself traveled the country to look for the top talent to invite to the UFC. He hasn’t done such scouting in over a decade and has now decided to do so.

Accompanying him are his friend Nick “the Tooth” and former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra.

The day before the fight, White and Nick are about to leave from Las Vegas but Serra is late due to various flight issues. He finally arrives about five hours after White’s private plane is supposed to leave.

Their first stop is Lake Charles, Louisiana where Legacy Fighting Championship is hosting an event.

During the day before the event, the trio go alligator fish hunting and have an interesting experience wherein they must catch the fish and shoot it with a small rifle.

Afterwards they go to the hunters home where they skin the fish and then cook them. While serving them, all three are somewhat disgusted with Serra and Tooth refusing to eat.

Instead the trio goes into town where they go to a sausage restaurant, eating and also looking at the main fighters on the card that night.

They judge one fighter named Sage Northcutt based on his appearance and assume he will not do so well. However, he wins his fight in impressive fashion with a rear naked choke after out striking his opponent. Afterwards, White goes backstage and congratulations him.

The trio next travels to Atlanta, Georgia where one of Serra’s affiliate members will be fighting on a local card.

Before the fight the trio meets with former boxing champion Evander Holyfield and White invites him to come watch a UFC fight sometime and he also agrees to accompany them that night to watch the local fight.

Serra’s fighting has a good first round but during the second round, the ring announcer starts to yell profanities at the fighter and Serra is offended. The two start to have an intense altercation while the promoter later tries to defend his announcer (and friends) actions.

White is concerned at the fact that Holyfield might be offended.

A caption at the end of the episode states that Northcutt was signed to the UFC after the episode.