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Looking at Erick Silva’s profile and fight statistics he is not someone you want to take to the ground or stand in front of either. Frankly this is not a good time to be caught in a cage with this man. He hits with his entire body the same way he slaps on chokes and submissions with utter fluidity and accuracy. This is a bad fight for Jon Fitch. Even though Fitch is always dangerous he will be stepping in to the octagon with a man who won’t allow anyone to sit inside his guard and out wrestle him for three rounds.

On the other side of the coin, Fitch will clearly be the biggest test in Erick Silva’s brief career among the best in the world. A world where, up until his last couple fights, Fitch was simply beating everyone with dominant wrestling and a gritty unrelenting pace. His only loss in his long UFC career was by way of a decision to George St Pierre. Everyone knows there’s no shame in that.

Both men are at a serious crossroads in their careers and sometimes momentum is the deciding factor in a fight. Silva is obviously looking to make a statement and joint the top ten in the welterweight division. Fitch went on a tear with 21 wins only broken up by his lone loss to GSP until in 2010 when he went to a draw with BJ Penn. After that he dropped a loss to Johny Hendricks in a shocking knockout upset.

After all that time in the cage, he was bound to be caught. This is a rough fight for Fitch and may be the first time in his career where he will find himself 0-2. If I had to predict what will happen in their fight, Silva will probably allow Fitch to decide where the fight will go but make no mistake, Silva will be hunting for the finish the entire time.

Get to know the Silva we know and love in the video below, including fight highlights.


This fight should be the co-main event over Big Nog vs Dave Herman. Who cares about that one!? Neither of those guys are top contenders or capable of entering in to immediate title contention in their division like Fitch vs. Silva can. Yet for either of these men to earn a title shot, sooner than later that is, I believe their chances depend on who wins the title unification bout between GSP and Carlos Condit at UFC 154, this November. Fitch needs to pray GSP loses while I believe Silva should be rooting for the champ.

Here’s why: Fitch has been haunted by his inability to earn another title shot due to the way he lost dominantly to GSP the first time. In fact many other fighters in the division are faced with a similar situation. To name a few: Josh Koscheck , BJ Penn, Nate Marquardt (if Strikeforce folds as rumored) and Thiago Alves.

Silva on the other hand would be a huge draw since he would add the Brazilian market to the Canadian one if the two met in a title fight. That’s a massive payday for everyone involved and could help take the sport to yet another level. Also, Silva is one of a small group of contenders who have yet to lose to GSP. This is arguably due to GSP being out of the game for the better part of two years. On a side note, GSP has his work cut out for him if he plans on running through the new breed of contenders who have been dominating his division in his absence.

I believe GSP will beat interim welterweight champion Condit, yet will eventually fall to Erick Silva. That’s if Anderson Silva who fights on the same card tonight doesn’t get to him first in a super fight for the ages.

Condit is very susceptible to being out wrestled. Silva won’t be, and GSP will pay for all the boring moments he has forced his loyal fans to endure over the years. Come to think of it, I don’t know how I would feel if Brazil held most of the UFC belts at the end of the day in the event Erick Silva brought home the gold. Oh well, I think we all saw that coming from a mile away regardless.

By Gabe Keith ~ Senior Writer

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