Glover Teixeira. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Gleidson Venga

The fight that is already being consider number one pick for fight of the year, will not see the most demanded rematch in mma history. Instead, the champ will get his way over the fans. According to a report from ESPN, UFC President Dana White stated that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will defend his title against top contender Glover Teixeira more than likely at the top card beginning the year, Super Bowl weekend in February.

Jon Jones is coming off a semi controversial decision win over challenger Alexander Gustafsson. While some said Jones won the fight, many including myself, disagreed. Even Jones himself knew and admitted of being taken to the limit. After the fight, the whole entire buzz was about seeing the rematch immediately. If you watched this fight, how could you not want a rematch as soon as possible? Gustafsson took Jones to the edge and back and deserves an immediate rematch.

Jones has went on record days after the fight changing his mind on the outcome. At first he said that the fight was too close to call and that the rematch needed to happen next. After re-watching the fights many times after UFC 165, Jones said he convincingly won the fight, claiming he won rounds 2, 4, 5 and possibly the first round. No disrespect to Jones, but he definitely lost rounds one and two and won rounds 4 and 5. Round three is the only questionable round in my opinion.

Jones said there is no reason for an immediate rematch and that Glover should be next, and that’s exactly what he’s is getting. Even though Glover has earned the claim of number one contender and has all the hype around him, doesn’t mean he deserves the next spot. Glover was very humble after the fight and said he will take what ever is next and I commend him for that.

But what happens if Jones beats a guy who hasn’t even peaked in the UFC yet? Glover has too much hype around him to throw him to a guy who wants to fight him. Jones doesn’t want Gus’ because he knows he will get ran over again and is scared of Alexander’s reach. That was the difference in my opinion. Jones knows and respects all of his opponents but probably thinks that he needs to get back to the drawing board against someone who doesn’t have the reach he has in Glover Teixeira. Jones said that he wants Glover next and then he will give Gustafsson his deserved rematch. Since when do the fans not matter anymore?

The fans have always got what they wanted when it comes to fights in the UFC. Dana hears you want it, and he gives it too you. There is a reason Ricardo Lamas hasn’t got his deserved featherweight title shot. Dana doesn’t hear fans asking for it. There is a reason why Chael Sonnen got his undeserved light heavyweight title shot against Jon Jones. Fans asked for it over and over.

Again, there is a reason Frankie Edgar got a undeserved featherweight title shot after losing two straight title shots at lightweight. The fans speak and Dana listens. So what happened this time? Not only does every single fan want the Jones/Gustafsson rematch, but even fighters like Daniel Cormier have went on record saying they will wait for their title shot(s) because this rematch needs to happen. Even Dana White said this fight needs to happen. So why isn’t it?

Breaking Down the UFC Light Heavyweight Division

Since the announcement that the UFC 165 rematch won’t be happening next, fans have been saying, ” Dana is dumb,” Jones is scared,” etc. I honestly don’t know what happened and I know Jones got what he wanted, but I disagree. Dana is not dumb. He is one of the smartest businessmen alive. Jones is not scared of Gustafsson. Jones is a warrior and welcomes all challengers.

Glover earned the title of number one contender and Jones isn’t going to deny him of that. Jones knows the UFC wants him to fight Glover for the title, and delaying the fight could put it on hold forever. Say the Jones/Gustafsson rematch happens, then you give Glover to Phil Davis. So much could go wrong with that. Jones could lose to Gustafsson, Glover could lose to Davis, and you still have Daniel Cormier and Jones’ beef on the table that needs to be resolved.

As much as fans are not getting what they want for once, I respect Jones for giving Glover the next title shot. I just don’t think Glover has beaten enough top competition to fight for the title. The fans are getting the biggest shaft for not getting this rematch booked, especially for Super Bowl weekend. Either way, when have you ever seen a boring Jon Jones fight? Fans will get to see an awesome fight in February either way. Plus, the injury bug is always lurking around the corner. Sorry Glover, don’t mean to jinx you, but if I did, Gustafsson and fans all over the world will thank me.