Episode two starts out with an introduction on the Women’s Gym based in Littleton, Colorado which is run by Toni Campton. She opened it in 2009 as an all women’s gym but due to her bluntness and chaotic management style isn’t respected by employee Kit. The gym is about two hundred thousand in debt and only has about one hundred members. Modern gyms needs about two hundred and fifty members to make a profit and despite this Toni refuses to allow men join the gym. Employees Nikki the receptionist, Erinn the assistant manager, and Delisa the certified trainer are all frustrated with the direction the gym is going.

Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock send in fitness expert Shawna Kaminski to do recon while they watch on hidden cameras. They are unimpressed with the color scheme and are further frustrated by Toni’s blunt, unprofessional behavior. Both men are more awed by the fact that when a decoy couple arrives, Toni turns away the man and then badmouths. After observing other features they confront Toni. However, when Randy and Frank point out the various flaws, Toni has a meltdown and walks out.

The following day Randy and Frank meet the rest of the staff and bring Shawna back to discuss various training methods and to work with trainer Delisa to develop a training regiment. They develop a boot camp workout for the FIT test. The gym is further reorganized and when Randy suggests Erinn runs the circuit, Toni insists she run it. Ultimately the FIT test is a failure as Toni never delegates and no sales are made. When confronted about it again Toni melts down and the FIT test is called off with no sales made.

After the FIT test failure, Randy and Frank again return to the gym the following gym and when they try to be truthful, Toni becomes confrontational. Toni finally admits that she does not know how to run a gym and Randy and Frank recommend that Erinn be promoted as the gym manager while Toni retains ownership. They also bring Shawna back in as well as gym owner and expert Bedros Kenilian who trains on the sales methods. Randy has to leave for a Bellator MMA event and the gym is remodeled to a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise gym which Bedros founded. Three months later revenue has doubled and men are now paid members.

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