Junior dos Santos. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

At first glance, the main event of UFC 166 has to be the biggest trilogy in heavyweight history. That doesn’t necessarily make it the best match-up. JDS has to be credited with having the most powerful/accurate punches in all mma. I honestly think he is stronger than Fedor in that department.

Without a doubt, JDS’s striking is no joke. He looked to keep his composer against Mark Hunt and even was throwing some flashy kicks. He is the best striker in the UFC’s heavyweight division, but does this make him the best heavyweight in the UFC?

Cain Velasquez is the real deal, and is the epitome of a true well-rounded mma fighter. His striking and KO power is legit, ask “Big Nog.” His wrestling is on another level, just ask Ben Rothwell and Cheick Kongo. And his cardio is on another level, ask “Bigfoot” Silva. JDS has seen all of this out of Velasquez in their last fight. Cain can change levels with the best of them, and comes to take your heart and will. Yet anybody can catch anybody in any fight.

When you’re fighting a guy like “Cigano,” you always have to be aware of going to sleep via knock out. Cain has experienced this first hand in their first fight, and corrected it in their second. JDS can knock anybody out and we all know will be coming to do the same thing again. Velasquez is more well-rounded and is considered by some to be the best pound-for-pound heavyweight in mma.

When these two square off again, you can bet this will be a battle for supremacy. The winner will be glorified in the spotlight, while the loser will take the walk of shame, and more than likely take a huge step backward in their career. On paper Velasquez is the better fighter, but JDS always has a punches chance.

I don’t see JDS winning this fight any other way than TKO or KO. Velasquez can win this fight anywhere and you can bet his cardio will be the big factor in this fight, as it was in their last meeting. Cain has all the tools to walk out with his belt, but will lightning strike again for JDS in the form of a knock out?

~ Final Thought ~

I consider Cain the better fighter and the best heavyweight in UFC history. That being said, JDS can knock anybody out. Velasquez knows what “Cigano” brings to the table, and I think Cain has some stuff we still haven’t seen yet. I see Cain bringing this fight to JDS and finishing this fight inside the first three rounds. The big question is, what happens to the loser of this fight?