The Current Strikeforce middleweight champion was scheduled to fight on Strikeforce’s last card (twice). Now he claims he was never scheduled to fight on the Strikeforce card dubbed “Champions”. This is the biggest misconception and mma fans should be mad at the guy who sherdog ranks 9th overall in the middleweight rankings.

Rockhold was expected to face challenger Lorenz Larkin at Strikeforce: Cormier vs. Mir on November 3, 2012 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Rockhold was forced to withdraw from the show due to injury and the event was later cancelled. The Larkin/Rockhold fight was rescheduled for January.

Luke Rockhold today told that he never signed a bout agreement to fight Lorenz Larkin and never intended to fight at the promotion’s final event.

I just got off the phone with shenanigans (I called them) and they agree that the Strikeforce middleweight champ is full of it. Rockhold is ranked #9 overall, but hasn’t done anything to really earn that spot in my opinion. His best win was a unanimous decision over Ronaldo Souza where he won the title. That fight wasn’t that great, and now with sloppy wins over Keith Jardine (former UFC fighter) and Tim Kennedy, Rockhold thinks he is one of the best. Well, Lorenz Larkin (13-0 MMA, 4-0 SF ) thinks differently as do I. Larkin’s biggest win is over Robbie Lawler, which isn’t saying much either, but Larkin earned his shot at Rockhold and should have got his title shot.

I happen to agree with Larkin that Rockhold and Gilbert Melendez know they are going to the UFC and maybe don’t want to tarnish their record going into the biggest mma organization in the world.

Larkin, who yesterday addressed his grievances with Radio, was twice scheduled to vie for the title before injuries interceded.

“I just feel like guys are acting like they haven’t paved any way for them to go to the UFC and a catastrophe could happen on Jan. 12, where [UFC President Dana White is] going to be like, ‘No. I didn’t like the way you fought, and you’re not going to come over,'” Larkin said.

Rockhold hasn’t been very pleased with Larkin’s comments and thinks the number one contender is being an amateur and he has nothing to prove, but wants to shut his mouth. Rockhold also stressed that he didn’t withdraw from the event because he had designs on starting anew in the UFC once Strikeforce folded.

“That was not any part of my thought process,” Rockhold said. “I’m injured. I want to get paid. I want to shut Lorenz’s mouth. I’m not waiting in any shape or form for the UFC. You can never count on that happening. I’ve heard that in the past, and I’m not going to wait for that to happen.”

“I have a lot of things I want to do in my life. This has set me back. I was going to buy a house, and now it looks like I’m going to wait until I’m more financially stable. I want to fight, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter who. Except at this point, after the talk, obviously I’m partial to fighting Lorenz.”

Larkin obviously disagrees. Asked whether he’d still like to fight Rockhold, Larkin said, “I’d rather not. I’d rather take a different fight. I just think that [Rockhold] doesn’t want to just fight. There’s no doubt he’s going to the UFC. He should have never taken the fight. I would rather him never taken the fight and me fought somebody totally different.”

Larkin said he’ll gladly fight on the Jan. 12 event, though he has yet to receive word of a new opponent. Who do you think Rockhold should fight first when he enters the UFC? Check out a list of the Top 5 Opponents and interesting match-ups for Rockhold. Editor-in-Chief/Senior Writer