Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida with fans at UFC 142

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August 17th from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts will be an event that the UFC and its fans will never forget. At least that’s what Dana White and company are hoping for.

UFC on FOX Sports 1 has been quoted by White to be one of the biggest events of the year. If this event expects to deliver, then the co and main events need to be at top tier. The event already has some pretty eligible fights on the card but none main event worthy as of yet. A title fight should main event this card in my opinion.

Fight card so far:

Thiago Alves vs. Matt Brown*                

  • Michael Johnson vs. Joe Lauzon               
  • Conor McGregor vs. opponent TBA*                

* – Not officially announced

Rumors have surfaced on a few potential match-ups, but are they really main event worthy? Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva have been rumored to be the events co-main event.

Not to take anything from both competitors, but if this event is supposed to one of the best of the year, then they need to list the older KO machine and the talkative wrestler as the third or fourth fight on the card.

~ Jon Jones vs Machida or Gustafsson ~

I’ve said this many times already and I’ll say it again: Jon Jones needs to be in the main event on this card. Jones’s toe should be healed up soon and he will be back in the training center in no time. If this event is supposed to be remembered as one of the best, they need the biggest star in the UFC to headline the event.

Imagine a free event where fans get to watch one of, if not the best, MMA fighter in the UFC fight for the title for free. Fans aren’t too interested in the Jones/Machida rematch, but if it happens, put it on free television, fans can’t complain about free.

I don’t think Gustafsson should be able to leap over Machida for a title shot, but a Gustafsson vs. Jones fight for free would be an awesome fight for MMA fans all over the world. I think if this event is going to be what they want it to be, then they need Jones in the main event, especially since his says he wants to fight two more times before 2014.

~ Sonnen vs. Silva ~

This fight has all the potential to be a war or just another fight that Sonnen builds up and doesn’t deliver on. Either way, this fight is not main event worthy. I know this fight won’t end up the main event, but they have been talking about it nonetheless.

This fight will more than likely end up as the co-main event, which like I said above, doesn’t deserve that much attention. Both guys are great at running their mouths, but Sonnen hasn’t delivered an actual win in over a year.

And in a fight where he talks crap leading up to it, he hasn’t won one of those since Paulo Filho in 2008. This fight will deliver for the fans, but probably won’t live up to the hype hence why it should be nowhere near the co or main event of UFC on FOX Sports 1.

~ GSP vs. Johny Hendricks ~

This fight needs to happen no matter what happens at UFC 162. The UFC is just waiting to see what happens with Anderson Silva obviously, but they need to do what is right and give “Big Rigg” his well deserved title shot.

Hendricks fans and supporters are sick and tired of seeing him get the shaft and not receiving what is his in a UFC welterweight title shot. Hendricks wants a fight in August. What a better way to give back to the fans by not only giving Hendricks his title shot, but giving it to the fans for free. If Jones can’t make the main event, then this fight makes perfect sense.

~ Machida vs. Gustafsson ~

There is one fight in mind (credit to my co-host Tiger Taylor) that would work for this card’s main event that doesn’t need to be a title fight, and it’s the #1 contender fight between Machida and Gustafsson. If Jones can’t make this card and they put GSP/Hendricks somewhere else, then make a true number one contender fight between the two top UFC light heavyweights. This is one of the only fights I can see taking over as the main event for this huge card.

~ Final Thought ~

This card needs a good title fight to headline in Boston and Jones needs to be on it. GSP is a boring fighter, but putting the dangerous skills of Hendricks as his opponent could easily spark the fans to this card. Benson Henderson has not delivered in his last couple fights and would only work as the event’s co-main event. Two title fights would rock this card, but we all know that won’t happen. If Renan Barao is out of UFC 161, then I say see how long it takes him to recover and reschedule him and Wineland for the co-main event.

My UFC on FOX 1 Card:

Main Event- Jon Jones vs. Machida or GSP vs Hendricks

Co-Main Renan Barao vs Eddie Wineland-Interim title

Diego Sanchez vs. Gilbert Melendez or Josh Thompson

Sonnen vs. Silva

Who do you want to see headline this card?