Steve Mazzagatti over Marlon Sims in Strikeforce. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Jeff Sherwood.

By no means is this a hate article. This is just the yin to the yang. There will always be good things and bad things in the world. The mma world, including the UFC, has a way of delivering great action and fights for the fans, especially when it comes to summer time.

Last year there was one fight that was anticipated more than others, and this year it’s no different. Anderson Silva versus Chael Sonnen II was the big one last July, and this year it’s Silva and Chris Weidman in July.

This doesn’t mean that everything has been stellar though. There has been a bunch of let downs and “bummers” this summer, as there was last year. Does anyone remember last memorial day’s UFC card UFC 146? Alistair Overeem was supposed to face JDS, but instead Frank Mir stepped in.

And Roy Nelson was suppose to face Gabriel Gonzaga, but ended up against a non worthy opponent in Dave Herman. Let’s also not forget that the co-main event between Cain Velasquez and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva became our main event for this year’s UFC memorial card. What about the horrible performance that Clay Guida put on against Gray Maynard? Shogun versus Vera anyone?

Let’s break down the biggest bummer’s of the summer so far.

~ UFC 160 Main Event ~

The UFC usually always delivers on a great card for memorial weekend to start off the summer in fashion. While last year’s fell a little short, this years stepped it up as much as it could. There were some confrontational judging decisions, but guys like T.J Grant, George Roop, Glover and JDS/Mark Hunt showed up.

The main event on the other hand, did not. Just because you earn a shot, doesn’t mean you have a chance against the champion. Just because you climb a mountain, it doesn’t make you the king of the hill. Cain Velasquez is on a whole other level and ran through “Bigfoot” Silva just like we all knew he would. Cain beat him so bad, the monster of a heavyweight  is now dropping down to light heavyweight. The last two years the UFC memorial main event has not delivered as far as competition goes.

~ Bad Ref-ing/Judging ~

Bad judging and reffing has always been a problem in the mma world. It just seems to be getting worse, and this summer has shown that ten fold. At UFC 160 the judges were back at it again in two fights.

The judges scored a split decision for Mike Pyle over Rick Story, but I still don’t see how Pyle won that fight. The worst one was another split victory they gave to Dennis Bermudez over Max Hollaway. Hollaway won that fight and a few takedowns and grapples doesn’t make you the winner.

The judges are horrible, but like they say, don’t leave it in the judges hands. Josh Burkman did just that at WSOF3, and it almost got someone killed. A certain ref just stood by and watched as Burkman choked Jon Fitch unconscious.

Luckily for Fitch and his family and friends, Burkman is a nice guy and let go as soon as he felt Fitch’s body go limp. Don’t leave it in the judges hands, has turned into, don’t leave it in the ref’s hands either.

Fighters fight, they don’t need to ref and judge their own fights. I give props to Burkman for being a class act.

~ UFC Lightweight Title Picture ~

Last years UFC lightweight title picture was all fogged up do to Frankie Edgar‘s immediate rematch. This year is no different. Anthony Pettis was supposed to get his shot, but instead in was given to Gilbert Melendez.

“El Nino” showed up and did everything in my opinion to beat the champ Benson Henderson, but the judges disagreed. A big fight between Gray Maynard and T.J Grant was signed with the intention of Maynard getting the next shot.

Grant had other plans and shocked the world by defeating Maynard via TKO in the first round. Now, a fight between Grant and Henderson has been scheduled for UFC 164 in Milwaukee. Grant is a good fighter but doesn’t have that crowd appeal yet.

If he is getting a shot, why isn’t Ricardo Lamas getting his? For the same reason, that’s why. With Grant not being well known and Benson not having exciting fights as of late, I see this fight having problems on the PPV level.

~ UFC 161 in General ~

Renan Barao gets injured, so let’s put two guys coming off losses in the main event and throw Roy Nelson in the mix, that will save the card right? UFC 161 was one of the most boring cards (on PPV) this summer, even with the upsets.

Inconsistent Pat Barry, who hasn’t been on a PPV since 2010, showed us why as he was defeated early by Shawn Jordan. I’m not even going to talk about the Ryan Jimmo vs. Igor Pokrajac  fight as neither one showed up.

Roy Nelson didn’t take his fight seriously at all and was derailed via unanimous. Then you had the main event with two guys who both looked sloppy. The fight was weak and neither one got the fans on their feet. Alexis Davis was the only one that showed up on the main card.

~ UFC 162 Co-Main event ~

UFC 162 will sell with Silva versus Weidman as the main event, but the co-main event in itself has me concerned. How is Frankie Edgar versus Charles Oliveira the co-main event to begin with?

And why is a top ranked fighter in Edgar fighting a guy like Oliveira in the first place? You had Chan Sun Jung (before he was moved to UFC 163) taking on Ricardo Lamas, and you have Dennis Siver taking on Cub Swanson.

Why was Edgar not given one of these opponents, and how do they think that is co-main event material? Edgar goes from three straight title fights to this? Oliveira is 2-3-1 in his last six fights and now gets a co-main event against one of the top fighters in the world?

~ Too Much MMA In August ~

I love mma more than the average fan, but when you get too much, it gets kind of sour. Cake is good, but cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner just isn’t a good balance. School starts, football starts and some fans are finishing up their vacations. So, when do you have time to watch all the mma that August will produce?

UFC 163: Aldo vs. Jung-August 3rd, UFC on Fox Sports 1: Shogun vs Sonnen-the 17th, UFC on Fox Sports 1: Condit vs. Kampmann 2-the 28th, and UFC 164: Henderson vs. Grant-the 31st, not too mention WSOF 4 August 10th. Virgins and fans with no life will love this month of mma, but us with lives love our dvr’s for this reason.

~ UFC on Fox Sports 1 Main Event ~

Dana White got the fans way too pumped when he told us this card would be the best free card we have seen. The card itself is stacked, but fans expected an awesome main event which they aren’t getting.

Benson versus Grant or Machida versus Gustafsson were rumored to headline the card. Instead, they went in another direction and signed a fight that isn’t even co-main event worthy.

Chael Sonnen taking on Shogun Rua is such a sloppy fight to begin with, let alone main event worthy. Sonnen sells fights, but without wins, he is just another fighter that talks.

Sonnen used to work for selling fights cause he backed up his talk. Now he just talks and loses. That doesn’t sound main event worthy to me.

~ Pettis’ Injury, pulled from UFC 163 ~

This has to be the biggest bummer of the summer so far. By no means was it fair that Pettis was cutting in line for a featherweight title shot, but let’s be real now. Who didn’t want to see two of the best strikers in mma go at it in Pettis vs Aldo?

This fight has me so pumped and now I’m so bummed out that it will not happen. Now Pettis is trying to get back in line for a lightweight title shot and bump Grant from UFC 164. Granted it will save the card, but fighters who are number one contenders shouldn’t be able to bounce around and request title shots in other weight classes.

Pettis should of just waited for Benson and then fans wouldn’t have been let down when his fight with Aldo was cancelled, and that is a fact.

The UFC always delivered during the summer, and now it looks like they are over thinking it all, which ruins it for spectators and fans of the sport.

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