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I am back everybody and I have returned a married man. Our wedding was wonderful and now it’s back to work.

After being able to sit down and watch UFC 152, I of course have a lot of thoughts on the PPV.

Belfort’s lack of killer instinct loss him the fight

Jon Jones proved he is the best overall mma fighter in the UFC and has proved to me that he is the best pound-for pound fighter in the UFC, and yes I think he is better than and could beat Anderson Silva. That being said, Jones proved his stubbornness in the octagon and should of tapped to the armbar. I give him props for his adversity and Belfort said in a post fight interview on FUEL TV that once he heard the arm pop that he let up because he didn’t want to hurt the champ. That is Belfort’s fault for letting up, Jones didn’t let up when he got the kimura and looked like he was trying to break the challenger’s arm. Congrats on the win Jones as you have proved that you are the new breed, the best mma fighter in the UFC, and that you are human just like the rest of us.

Dana White: “If you didn’t like that Flyweight fight, Please, I’m begging you, Don’t buy another UFC PPV, I don’t want your money”

UFC 152 crowned the first flyweight champion and as far as the crowd’s boo’s, if you are just a viewer, then shut up. I don’t get how you didn’t think that was an amazing fight? Both fighters put everything on the line and left everything in the octagon. Dana White made it very clear how he felt about his horrible UFC twitter fans. Being a fan is one thing, but to think you “know” the sport when you are just a back seat fan, just sit there, watch the fight, appreciate  the hard work, and shut your mouth. I do think Demetrious Johnson won the fight, but Joseph Benavidez proved his heart and never quit. I have so much respect for both fighters and can’t wait to see these two go at it again in the future.

Watch the UFC 152 post fight press conference below where Dana addresses ignorant fans in the sport.


Useless takedowns are scored way to high

We all know I do not like Bisping, but I also give him his credit when it’s due, and after watching his fight against Brian Stann, I still think Bisping lost that fight via unanimous decision. I had Stann winning the first and third round with cleaner strikes, landing more power strikes, and I think if a fighter gets a takedown and does nothing with it, that the points shouldn’t be so high.

These useless takedowns are getting old. Bisping knew he saw a weakness in Stann’s game against Sonnen and utilized it, but couldn’t finish the fight even though he claimed he was trying. Never did I see Bisping try to finish this fight. Stann was trying to finish and knock out Bisping and yet Bisping was just trying not to fight or get hurt in order to still have the ability to run his loud mouth after the fight.

Bisping is still an underrated mma fighter, but he knew getting takedowns would give him the points to win because they are scored way too high. I personally can’t wait to see the winner of Tim Boetsch and Chris Weidman fight Bisping, either way, Bisping won’t beat either one and Anderson Silva would run right through him anyway. It’s a fight Bisping, not a smack talk contest. He is the most disrespectful fighter/person I have ever come across and can’t wait to see him get knocked out so bad that we don’t have to listen to him anymore!

Hamill went back to the drawing board

It was great to see Matt Hamill return to the octagon, but in the words of GSP, I was not impressed by his performance. Hamill  looked stale like he did when he first entered the octagon. It literally looked like he was a rookie again who only knew how to wrestle. He constantly got the fight down to the ground and just did the “lay and pray” to get the win over a nameless fighter. Hamill has way more potential and if he is going to return, it looks like he needs to return to the drawing board in my opinion.

Cub Looked great, but Oliveria gives up too easily

Cub Swanson is slowly proving that he is a force to reckon with, and wants his rematch with Jose Aldo after being knocked out via flying knee’s in the first round in the WEC. Swanson is the real deal, but for Oliveria being a submission fighter, he gives up way too easily.

When Oliveria gets hit in the body, he collapses and gives up as he has proven in the fight against Donald Cerrone and Swanson. If Oliveria wants to continue to be a fighter, he needs to learn stand up skills  and realize that you are going to get hit and you need  a good well rounded defense.

When Oliveria got hit, he squinted his eyes then fell like he was throwing the fight. Probably the most pathetic thing I have ever scene from a “so called” fighter. If you don’t like being hit, don’t fight. As far as Swanson is concerned, I think he should fight a top guy like Jung or Mendes next.

And as far as Strikeforce cancelling their event do to Gilbert’s injury, I think they just committed career suicide and won’t recover from this. They just put their company on life support IMO.