To say this should’ve been done a WHILE ago, however better late then never. So here are my top 10 lists of 2014:

10) Top 10 Military Vets of 2014

This list was nominated for the Best Article of 2014 in the MMA Freak awards and covered military veteran success. This year’s list included the likes of Bobby Lashley, Randy Couture, Tim Kennedy and Brandon Vera.

9) Top 10 fights of June 2014

There were many exciting fights in June of 2014, a few of which were Fight of the Year candidates and other awards.

8) Top 10 MMA Ring Girls

Many women have graced the Octagon and various cages and rings in MMA, Arianny Celeste and Brittany Palmer being just a few of the names to appear in this list celebrating Pink Ribbon Month.

7) Top 10 fights of July 2014

July 2014 had many greats fights such as Chris Weidman versus Lyoto Machida and Ronda Rousey‘s quick knockout of Alexis Davis. Then there were the various other fights, mainly through The Ultimate Fighter Finale.

6) Top 10 educated fighters of 2014

Several fights on this list have advanced degrees such as Masters and Law Degrees, such as Barb Honchak.

5) Top 10 fights of November 2014

It was a busy month in November 2014 when Bellator and the UFC first went head to head and surprisingly, Bellator actually pulled the upset and won. This was partially due to Cain Velasquez‘s injury and Tito Ortiz on the card.

4) Top 10 New Years Resolutions for 2015

New Years Resolutions are easy to make and harder to actually carry out and most of these weren’t made of kept. The only resolution really kept was that the Nevada State Athletic Commission banned the use of TRT.

3) Top 10 Heaviest Fighters in MMA

As part of the summer (when people gain weight) I compiled this list of the largest fighters to ever compete in MMA. Most of them were former sumo rikishi such as Akebono Taro and the largest athlete, Emmanuel Yarborough.

2) MMA Freak Hall of Fame Class of 2014

Not only is this list the second most viewed top 10 0f 2014, but it was also ranked number five for the top articles. Many of the names inducted this year included legends such as Wanderlei Silva and Fedor Emlianenko.

1) Top 10 Chrismas gifts for 2015

MMA fans actually did get a few of the items on this list. Bas Rutten was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, Jessica Aguilar was signed to the UFC, and Cat Zingano finally got her long awaited UFC title shot.