Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

The male species in its most purest, simplistic and natural form, has long been attracted to the idea of hardy meat eating, getting their fingers dirty through manual labor, and being attracted to the most gorgeous of female species who are most aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

So when guys turn on the television, their brains are not akin to keep up with the Kardashians, love David’s Bridal or discover something (Yoplait) light. No, it’s just not how they operate. It’s not how WE function.

Until that last sentence, I was perfectly able to separate myself from the story and tell it from an outsider’s perspective, but the testosterone interjectionist in me said otherwise. It’s because I’m a man and when it comes to the sport of mixed martial arts, we identify with each other.

That’s why when the aspect of female combat in MMA rose to new heights in 2013, the world started taking notice but not because of veteran warriors like Megumi Fuji (now retired), Roxanne Moddaferri and Beth Correia. No, they were hooked on the uber attractive Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate as they battled it out on Strikeforce/UFC commercials and in the cage/Octagon.

Regardless of how much the conversation gets deflected by WMMA purists or PC friendly media pundits, men need eye snickers. When we spend money on a live event ticket or pay-per view headlined by two females, chances are that part of the reason for us swiping our card through or pressing the “Order Now” button, our thought inclinations were influenced (in one way or another) based on their physical appearance.

It’s no secret that my favorite female fighter is Julianna Pena (as seen in my bio), but if she looked like wig-wearing Carlos Pena, she certainly wouldn’t be at the top of my list. While I think she’s a great fighter, the fact that she’s a gorgeous “Venezuelan Vixen” with thick, long hair and a pretty smile, certainly doesn’t hurt matters either.

Case in point, I chose to watch women’s basketball on Monday night (please hear me out before you burst out in laughter). Not because I was entirely interested in the game, but rather, to watch Notre Dame and two of their attractive female players: Kayla MacBride and Natalie Achonwa.

Almost entirely throughout the game, I thought about what it would be like to see them in a bikini. Now does this make me a dog? No. Pervert? Maybe. A man? Definitely. As male human beings, we need something to catch our attention and if that includes two incredibly beautiful women “hugging it out” in the Octagon, then by all means pass me a cold beer.

UFC President Dana White has long said WMMA is here to stay and has dismissed the detractors on more than one occasion. As mere spectators, perhaps we have to fall in line with it but that doesn’t mean he has any control over why we choose to watch.

Heck, he knows what male fans want. The fact that he publicly acknowledges both Rousey and Tate’s beauty says that he “gets it.”

The casual male UFC fan can only hope for a scantily clad WMMA main event pitting two attractive combatants in a two-piece, with Chael Sonnen providing color commentary. That in itself would surely break a million buys. However, seeing as though White is a new passenger along this dumbfounded PC equality train, this type of event see the light of day. So we’ll settle for two pretty gals.

Chicken wings, beer and fight beauties on a Saturday night is all men need to plant the perfect seed; of flowers, that is.