TUF: Brazil 3 – Episode 8

The episode opens with Team Silva head coach Wanderlei Silva making the fight picks for the heavyweights, matching up Team Silva’s Antonio Branjao against Team Sonnen’s Vitor Miranda. The decision draws some criticism from Team Sonnen jui jutsu coach Vinny Magalhaes who basically calls Silva a hypocrite considering that in the first season Vitor Belfort made a similar decision drawing criticism from Silva. Silva however tries to justify it by saying that Branjao and Miranda aren’t that close to it doesn’t matter. Despite this both fighters have resolved to not let this decision get between their friendship. They even agree to joke around at the weigh-ins wearing sunglasses.

Meanwhile the teams face another challenge with the Octagon girl candidates for a trip to the spa. Team Silva once again comes away with the win. As agreed both fighters weigh-in then proceed to dawn both hats and sun glasses to make things entertaining. The following day the fight starts out with Branjao using his taller build to initially control Miranda against the cage, however Miranda is able to break away and uses his striking to gain a victory for Team Sonnen. Both fighters are emotional afterwards, Miranda especially after having to stop his friend.

TUF 19: Episode 3 – Anywhere, Anytime

At the training session for Team Edgar, Frankie Edgar brings in his coach and legend Renzo Gracie. On the first Sunday of the competition, Team Edgar’s Todd Monaghan holds a church service in The Ultimate Fighter house. The sermon draws criticism from Team Penn’s Cathal Pendred who believes that Monaghan lives too rich of a lifestyle to be a preacher. Later on Pendred succeeds in securing extra workout mats for Team Penn’s room in the house. Following a little grappling workout on the mats, Team Penn’s Daniel Spohn proceeds to guide his teammate through a workout called “Iron Body” which consists of yoga like stances.

Despite Spohn’s impressive finish getting into the house, he proceeds to wrestle with Monaghan for the duration of the fight. He also does very little real damage to Monaghan but is able to stay active enough for official Herb Dean to allow the fight to remain on the ground. Ultimately Spohn comes away with the two round decision but not without some criticism from Dana White. Following the victory Team Penn’s retains control and head coach B.J. Penn proceeds to pick Team Penn’s Tim Williams against Team Edgar’s Dhiego Lima.