The first female fighter to join the UFC will be Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey. Strikeforce will officially close after its final event in January. This news was reported by TMZ on Wednesday night and followed up with their sources to confirm its validity.

As the women’s Strikeforce bantamweight champ, Rousey is undefeated at 6-0 professionally and 3-0 as an amateur. For those that don’t know, she finished each fight by submission in the first round. She will be entering the UFC while riding the biggest wave of hype experienced by any women in WMMA history. It will be interesting to see who else will follow her from Strikeforce in to the UFC to form the first women’s division since the promotion’s creation, almost two decades ago.

The UFC is known for breaking new ground and setting trends in mixed martial arts and combat sports in general. So in that vein of thinking, it’s not outside the confines of logic to assume other women’s weight classes will eventually  be added, if not immediately.

With the fox deal having entered in to effect at the beginning of 2012, the UFC could use the selling power behind all the talent in the sport to ensure the main event of every fight card holds legitimate headliners. In the end, pay-per-view buys and the gate’s purse are priorities for the UFC.

Bringing Rousey over to the sport ensures at least a couple fight cards a year will host a sell-able headliner and that’s what had to make this decision easy for Dana. “There’s finally money to be made,” said Dana to recently. “It’s obviously going to happen… could happen tomorrow, it could happen a year from now… The point is I’m committed to this.”

Now that women will be joining the UFC, we will all have to wait to find out how many and when. There has yet to be any official paper work announced, fights made, or events with female fighters planned.

Watch the poetic highlight compilation of Ronda as she trains for future fights in the video below.

Video courtesy of youtube uploader Allen Colombo and Strikeforce..

With Strikeforce closing, other extremely interesting scenarios will become reality as well. I’m assuming with the collapse of Strikeforce, its male competitors will find their way in to contractual agreements with other major promotions. If I had to guess, the big news next week will be announcements of the two biggest MMA stars outside of the UFC finally coming over to the big show to prove their salt.

Both the middleweight champion Luke Rockhold and Gilbert Melendez will finally be granted a chance at fighting among the men they have been ranked among for years. Well to be honest, Melendez is the only one to have been ranked in the top five lightweights in the world for a while now and most MMA analysts have him up as far as second or third on their rankings list.

Yet new blood in the middle weight division is always needed with the tight grip Anderson Silva has held on the belt since he ascended the throne in 2006. Rockhold will bring over an impressive resume and a chip on his shoulder as well. He has stated in the past how unfortunate it feels to tell people he is a fighter and yet because he can’t say he fights in the UFC, they almost always don’t believe he is a professional athlete.

Either way, the sport of MMA needs the best talent in the UFC. It might be unfortunate that one company has all the talent, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Who wants to watch anything other than than the best in the world fight each other until one man is left standing or of course, the best women?

By Gabe Keith ~ Senior Editor

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