The episode opens up with several introductions to the various fighters competing in the show which are also spread throughout the episode at appropriate times. UFC President Dana White talks about how for season 20 the UFC acquired eight contracts from Invicta FC and held tryouts for the remaining eight slots going into the house. It is at this time that there are several introductions to tryout members. Finally the woman are brought into the UFC Training Center where the majority socialize based on their prior relationships. Finally White walks in and brings coaches Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez as well as their coaching staffs.

White then announces that because of the elite nature of this season, the fighters are pre-seeded and will be distributed based on those rankings. The coaches are then given time to evaluate the various fighters to determine who they want to select. Following the evaluation White flips the coin to determine who gets to pick first fighter or first fight. Pettis is the winner and picks the first fighter and the distribution goes from there. After the women settle into the house, Melendez announces the fight the following day with his first pick Tecia Torres the three seed facing off against Randa Markos, the 14 seed.

It is during the training for their fight that Torres and Markos are given their introductions. Torres recalls how she grew up in poverty and in a bad family environment. Markos recalls how she spent the earlier part of life growing up in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and how her family eventually moved to Canada. Pettis trains Markos to go for the take downs while Melendez trains Torres to keep the fight standing. Eventually the time to fight comes and both girls go into the bout with a healthy respect for each other and an intent to come out on top.

In the first round, Markos is able to get a take down but Torres is more active. The second round goes soundly to Markos, thus forcing a sudden death third round. Round three is close but Markos does get a take down and the first ultimately goes to her, with Torres vowing build up to a title shot. With the win Team Pettis gains control of the fight picks. Pettis decides to select number two seeded Joanne Calderwood to face Team Melendez member and 15th seeded Emily Kagan with both women vowing to come away with the victory.