Before their fight Carla Esparza still expresses her belief that it was unfair for Tecia Torres to get a second chance in the show.

Torres than talks about how she and Esparza were supposed to face each other. After Torres defeated Felice Herrig in their final match in Invicta FC, Esparza walked into the cage and called her out for their next match. She also talks about how she was expecting this fight to take place later in the tournament. However, she has resolved to go into the fight all the same with confidence that she will become the UFC Strawweight Champion.

The first round consists of Esparza taking Torres down though at times she has some difficulty as Torres take down defense has improved. Round two consists of much the same with Esparza uncharacteristically struggling with anything other than her take downs. Ultimately the judges score the fight in two rounds for Esparza and while she is disappointed, Torres vows to come back.

After the match, Esparza throws up on the way to the restroom and in the restroom due to exhaustion. She also mentions that she doesn’t look forward to facing her friend Jessica Penne in the semifinals but looks forward to the fact both are from California.

Because Rose Namajunas is the only member of Team Melendez left in the competition, all of her teammates are behind her. There is one point though during practice where Namajunas breaks down in frustration. She feels the pressure of having the weight of the team on her shoulders and lets her emotions get the better of her.

Joanne Calderwood on the other hand is relaxed with the intent of going into her match to win. She is also the only member of Team Pettis in the quarterfinals to get full coaching staff support.

In the first round Namajunas comes out kicking and swinging and the match goes back and forth. In the second round the fight once again goes to the ground where Namajunas is able to secure a kimura and forces Calderwood to submit. Calderwood grieves in the restroom but is comforted by Aisling Daly. 

Following the fight Gilbert Melendez makes the announcements for the semifinal match ups. In the first match it is friends Esparza and Penne facing each other while in the other side of the bracket Namajunas will be facing underdog Randa Markos who is looking to pull another upset.