The episode opens with Carla Esparza, Jessica Penne, and Felice Herrig in their shared bed room talking and bonding despite the fact that Esparza and Penne will be fighting.

Next day at practice head coach Anthony Pettis and the rest of the coaching staff wonder how the practice arrangements should be done. Pettis makes the comment that Esparza and Penne probably don’t care about the arrangements due to their close friendship.

During practice the respective fighters are on separate ends of the gym. Despite their close relationship both women devise game plans based on their respective strengths and set their friendship aside.

In the opening round Esparza is able to control the fight on their feet despite the fact that she sustains a black eye and also takes Penne down. Round two has a similar outlook though this time Esparza is able to take Penne down a bit easier. With round three very much the same Esparza is able to come away with the decision win.

Carla is emotional and Herrig with her as the former wasn’t certain if she could make it to the finals. Penne is emotional as well but takes the whole season as a learning experience and hopes to return stronger.

Preparing for the last semifinal, Rose Namajunas is happy that she has the support of her team behind her and head coach Gilbert Melendez has confidence in her. Namajunas is looking forward to the end of the season as the team uplifts her.

In the meantime Randa Markos is looking forward to possibly pulling another upset win. On her birthday, Dana White gives her the gift of a phone call to her sister and Markos gets emotional when talking. Pettis is confident that Markos will win if she tries to avoid Namajunas’ full guard considering she is dangerous there.

The match consists of a few back and forth take downs along with some flurries before Namajunas locks a kimura on the ground. With that the finals as set with Namajunas and Esparza ready to face each other for the title.

White overall is pleased with the season and looking forward to all the matches that will come with the new strawweight division. White also notes that the winner will earn a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle. The coaches match is settled at UFC 181 when Pettis submits Melendez by guillotine choke in the second round after Melendez dominated the match.