The episode opens with Dana White calling Bec Rawlings into his office and informing her that he just got a call from Rawlings’ mother who informed him that Rawlings step father died. Rawlings then sobs over the loss of her step father while calling her mother about the passing. She then walks back into the Team Melendez locker room where her teammates and coaches comfort her and Angela Magana leads a prayer. Later on coaches Gilbert Melendez and Jake Shields come back to the house with flowers to comfort Rawlings. Shields is especially sympathetic as he lost his father while training for a fight as well.

Later on during a guessing game, Heather Jo Clark further alienates herself from the rest of Team Melendez. When she tries to go to sleep, the rest of the team discuss Clark’s antics and what they perceive as “fake” small talk. The next day during training, Melendez becomes concerned that Lisa Ellis seems to have lost her killer instinct following her pregnancy. Following training, Ellis talks about her daughter, husband, friends and family back home whom she misses. Jessica Penne also talks about how she had difficulty growing up and how her friendship with many of her fellow Team Pettis members has helped her.

Following the weigh ins, Team Melendez decides to pull a prank on Team Pettis by placing a pair of over sized “granny panties” on the pantie wall. When Felice Herrig points out the out of place panties, Penne retaliates. She takes the granny panties off the wall and stretches them over a portrait of Melendez. Later when Team Melendez returns, they find the panties stretched over Melendez’s portrait to be humorous. Even Melendez himself finds it all in good fun and simply brushes the gesture off as a retaliation prank.

Finally Penne and Ellis fight in their highly anticipated rematch which their respective coaches believe they will be able to win triumphantly. The match starts out with Penne using the jab to her advantage and some grappling going back and forth. Finally, Penne was able to take Ellis’s back and was able to pull a rear naked choke, which White believes she let her have in order to get out of the cage. Following the match Team Pettis maintains control and Anthony Pettis chooses the next match up. He chooses number one seed Carla Esparza to face the last seeded and up and coming Angela Hill.