The episode opens up with the Team Pettis coaching staff visiting The Ultimate Fighter house and delivering Miranda Markos food. During the visit, Felice Herrig gives Anthony Pettis’ younger brother Sergio Pettis a friendship bracelet which is intended as the first for all the coaching staff. However, her fellow teammates start teasing her about the fact that she’s “hitting” on a younger guy as there’s a ten year age gap between the two. At training the next day, Jessica Penne starts to voice frustration at the fact that the Team Pettis coaches appear to be “over-coaching”. The older Pettis has a talk with Penne and trains her personally.

Team Melendez start to deal with issues of their own when Heather Jo Clark starts to complain about various issues from the coaching staff to conditions at the house. Teammate Rose Namajunas voices irritation with Clark. During practice while the two are grappling, they role off the mat into the concrete floor and butt heads in the process. Clark has to get stitches while Namajunas gets a black eye which is iced down. Head coach Gilbert Melendez brushes the issue off as does Clark and overall the group copes with the accident.

Before practice begins for Team Pettis the next day, Herrig calls a team meeting with the coaches where she and the girls voice their frustration with the coaches constant critiquing. Pettis states that he is there for the team as are the coaches. After practice Team Pettis starts a strange tradition of leaving their panties on the Team Pettis sign in the team’s locker room. In order to get everyone on board, Herrig resorts to exposing herself on camera, however Joanne Calderwood does it first. Only three girls leave their panties on the sign but it is expected that all team members will leave them by the end of the show as a sign of the “sisterhood”.

The fight of the episode is Calderwood of Team Pettis faces Emily Kagan of Team Melendez. In the first round Calderwood pushes the action but Kagan also gets some good shots. In round two Calderwood takes Kagan down who gets up, and tries to slam Calderwood who locks in an inverted triangle for the rest of the round. The match is scored as a majority decision for Calderwood. With Team Pettis still on control, Pettis chooses Penne to face Lisa Ellis in a rematch of what was possibly the most bloody match in the history of women’s MMA.