The episode opens up with Urijah Faber stepping in to coach Team Pettis while head coach Anthony Pettis is at a prior commitment. Most of the team members find Faber’s coaching to be helpful and he is impressed with several fighters. He notes that Joanne Calderwood has skills that don’t match her rather gentle voice and he also grapples around with Carla Esparza in some moves.

Later at the house, Angela Hill is farting around the house and has been since she moved in. She states that it is a normal process and shouldn’t be hidden by any woman, and her teammates find it all in fun.

Esparza and Felice Herrig talk about some of the grappling Esparza had with Faber. Herrig asks if Esparza wanted to kiss Faber and she brushes it off and says no while Herrig playfully asks again. During the dialogue, Esparza states that she considers Herrig to be like a sister to her and as a result feels a little bit better in the house.

There is growing concern about Justine Kish and her weight as she is constantly working out to loose weight. Herrig worries that Kish won’t be able to make weight and that Dana White may cut her from the UFC.

During one of the Team Melendez practicing sessions, Heather Jo Clark supposedly hyper extends her leg. The next day she only works out a little bit then sits in the ice bath. Towards the end of practice her teammates are complaining that she is taking up the ice bath. When she tries to explain herself, Angela Magana lashes out at her and tells her to shut up. Clark walks away, having further alienated herself from her teammates who have been continually despising her because of her attitude.

Before the fight, Esparza is a little concerned with ring rust as she has been out of action for more then a year, and such a long time off had an effect before. However, the match proves to be quick as Esparza controls Hill using wrestling and ground n pound. She finds a submission in the first round. Following the match, Esparza reinforces her nickname of “Cookie Monster” and has a victory cookie, while Hill is distraught despite only having one pro MMA match prior to TUF 20. Having won their first four matches, Pettis announces that the next match will be between Herrig and Clark in a grudge rematch.