Heather Jo Clark explains to her teammates how the quarrel between her and upcoming opponent Felice Herrig because Clark doesn’t like how Herrig carries herself as a woman or fighter. She also explains that she doesn’t like the fact that Herrig initially turned her down.

Later on Team Melendez has a team meeting when coach Gilbert Melendez wants to discuss the issues the team has with Clark. Angela Magana is the most vocal of the group talking about how Clark doesn’t spare and complains about her knee. The issues is ultimately unresolved and leaves Clark further alienated from the rest of her teammates.

Because of her lingering injury, Justine Kish goes to see a doctor and gets an MRI done to see if there is anything seriously injured. The doctor ultimately explains that her ACL is torn and that she will need reconstructive surgery.

There is some speculation as to what Dana White will do about the open spot. Team Melendez wants Bec Rawlings to get a buy into the next round while there is some speculating that he will choose a fighter who has already lost. Ultimately White chooses Tecia Torres to replace Kish and drafts her to Team Pettis.

This causes disappointment for both teams as Team Melendez wanted a buy for Rawlings and the Team Pettis members believe Torres doesn’t deserve a second chance. As a result, the Team Pettis members refuse to practice with Torres and coach Anthony Pettis realizes this but is still willing to work with Torres.

In the meantime, Herrig is starting to experience some pressure. She doesn’t like the fact that the coaches want her to have a game plan and also feels the pressure to continue the winning streak. She’s also conflicted at how she doesn’t even realize where the bad blood between her and Clark started.

The match takes place and the first round is a back and forth affair but primarily sees Herrig in control. The second round is definitely in Herrig’s favor and despite Melendez’s hopes, it goes to a judges decision for Herrig who is relieved. Clark laments at how she was never able to throw leg kicks because of her knee, despite the fact that she jumped before the match.

Once again in control, Pettis chooses for Aisling Daly to face Team Melendez’s Magana. After the fight pick, Clark approaches Herrig and the two women make peace.