The episode opens with Angela Magana talking to Rose Namajunas about how she was born a heroin baby because of the fact that her parents were addicts. She continues to talk about how she was fighting her first few weeks of life to live. Then she talks about how her childhood was filled with details like digging through trash, being grazed by a bullet that hit her mom, and also how her mother would keep her around while she prostituted herself. She then marvels how her when she became a mother how her mother could have done that to her.

During the next session of training for Team Pettis, coach Anthony Pettis shows up at practice in workout tights to the amusement of the fighters. Later Aisling Daly tells Pettis that she will be sitting out of practice due to throwing up the night before. Daly becomes further stressed when the conditioning coach asks if it might be mental. After hearing about the situation, Dana White calls Daly in to ask if she needs any help in regards to her adjusting to the Las Vegas heat to which she thanks him. On an unrelated note she asks that the UFC Dublin card be broadcast at the house to which he grants her request.

In the meantime there are still issues accepting Tecia Torres on Team Pettis. However, Alex Chambers comes around to accepting her and Torres is alter seen working out with Daly.

Daly is excited when all three of her teammates win on the UFC Dublin card and when Patrick Holohan gives a shoutout to her.

Magana later talks about how MMA helped her overcome many tragedies including a broken back and the death of her fiance. Because of this she refers to MMA as her “Saving Grace”.

Finally the match takes place and Magana takes the first round, though there is controversy in the ref stopping the match while Magana is trying to submit Daly. The second round then goes to Daly which forces a third round. In the third round Daly takes Magana down, takes her back and lands strikes on her until the ref stops the match. Daly is excited while Magana and coach Gilbert Melendez are upset that the referee stopped the match while she was trying to secure a submission.

Once again with control and with six wins in a row, Pettis chooses Chambers to face Namajunas.