A rift has appeared within Team Melendez as Heather Jo Clark and Lisa Ellis has began to associate more with Team Pettis in the house and due to injuries sit out during practice sessions. Angela Magana and Emily Kagan bring up the matter with head coach Gilbert Melendez who acknowledges that if everyone was healthy and on the mat things might be different.

In the meantime the remaining five members refer to themselves as the “Scrapettes”. This comes from the fact that they are trained by the “Scrap Pack” consisting of coaches Melendez, Jake Shields, Nate Diaz, and Nate’s absent brother Nick Diaz.

In the meantime, Team Pettis begins experiencing rifts as well due to the fact that the women are aware they’ll have to face each other eventually. Carla Esparza makes a point not to practice with certain team members and Randa Markos takes the gesture personally.

During the buildup Alex Chambers talks about how she first started out in karate and how she was expected to go into academics and has experience in Astrophysics and engineering.

Later Megan Rapinoe and Sydney Leroux of the US Women’s National Soccer Team visit and talk with members of both teams as fellow professional athletes.

Later on Clark gets news that she tore her ACL completely and is later receives an apology from Magana.

During training, Kron Gracie visits Team Melendez and helps Rose Namajunas work on her submission skills. At one point Namajunas breaks down due to pressure and when approached by Gracie says, “It’s that time of the month.” There is a point where Namajunas talks about her past dealing with violence and sexual abuse during her upbringing but was able to talk about it thanks to her fiance Pat Barry. 

As a spiritual exercise, Namajunas and Magana watch the sun go down as a way to absorb it’s energy.

Finally the match takes happens and Namajunas has the advantage. She leads with a few crazy kicks that throw Chambers off balance. Eventually Namajunas is able to take Chambers down and throw in a rear naked choke, crying in joy after she finishes the fight and gets Team Melendez it’s first win. Melendez is impressed with the victory and declares it the most dominant victory of the season.

With only one match left, it is announced that the reassigned Tecia Torres will face Australian Bec Rawlings in the final preliminary bout.