The episode opens up with the members of Team Melendez deemed the “Scrapettes” meeting and discussing how to move former Team Melendez member Tecia Torres and Heather Jo Clark into the room with Lisa Ellis. Emily Kagan is chosen as the messenger.

In the meantime, both teams go to “The Pond” at the Green Valley Ranch Resort to relax. When the Scrapettes leave, Clark and Ellis bring up the moving rooms question up to Torres who says Kagan will probably bring it up. Ellis and Clark refer to the Scrapettes as “Mean Girls”.

Indeed, Kagan brings up the fact that the Scrapettes want Torres to leave and Torres refuses to move before her match and tells her that opponent and roommate Bec Rawlings will have to deal with it. This only “pisses off” Rawlings. Angela Magana makes the comment that if Torres doesn’t make the decision to move out than the decision maybe made for her.

Meanwhile, Rawlings talks about her abusive relationship in the past and how she is trying to be a positive example for her sons. In talking with coach Gilbert Melendez, he states that Rawlings is the better striker.

During the weight cuts, Clark is helping Torres to cut weight which is seen as a betrayal by the other members of Team Melendez. Clark justifies it by stating that Torres helped Clark cut weight and that is was only fair that Clark helped Torres cut weight in return. Despite this, Rawlings is still upset about the whole issue and states that the whole situation is “making her brain melt”.

Also helping Torres cut weight is Joanne Calderwood who appears to have bonded with her after the switch. Torres is hoping that her second chance is a new start with Team Pettis.

Round one of the match sees Torres control most of it but Rawlings does get some good shots and controls the pace towards the end. Round two sees Rawlings appear to control the pace but Torres does get some good control situations including a take down towards the end. The judges score it for Torres in two rounds. Most of Team Melendez boos the decision and results in Calderwood calling them out as classless.

With the preliminary round concluded, Anthony Pettis announces the quarterfinal match-ups: Felice Herrig vs. Randa Markos, Aisling Daly vs. Jessica Penne, Carla Esparza vs. Torres, and Rose Namajunas vs. Calderwood who have an intense standoff.