The episode opens up with Team Melendez deciding to party in celebration of backing up their sole quarterfinalist in Rose Namajunas and start to get a little on the rowdy side. During a sleepover, Tecia Torres is bothered by their loud behavior and moves rooms. The next day she trades rooms with Angela Magana and rooms with Heather Jo Clark.

Then Team Pettis discusses the coaching situation and decides to split the team into morning and evening teams with the exception of Joanne Calderwood. In the process head coach Anthony Pettis decides to remove himself completely from coaching except for Calderwood and splits the rest of the coaches among the two groups.

As is tradition, the coaches challenge takes place. For this season it is decided to do a trivia competition in order to avoid Pettis possibly getting injured in a physical competition. With Bruce Buffer hosting, coach Gilbert Melendez leads after the first round of “The Ultimate Fighter History”, but Pettis is able to come back and tie in the second “UFC History” round. After the third “UFC Famous Finishes” round, Melendez leads. Pettis is given one final chance to win with the sudden death round, however he looses and Team Melendez gets the cash award.

After a day of practice, Randa Markos and other members of her mini team as well as the floaters express a desire to practice twice a day. The news is not well received by Felice Herrig or Carla Esparza. When Markos rides on the van for the morning practice, an argument ensues between her and Esparza who later takes it up with Pettis. While Pettis is sympathetic with Esparza he cannot enforce rules on Markos.

During the weigh-ins, Herrig mocks Markos and blows a gum bubble in her face, provoking Markos to pop the bubble with a slap.

In the opening round of the fight, Markos tries to wrestle with Herrig, but Herrig is able to get the initial take down. Markos is eventually able to the turn the tables and in works for a position of dominance. At one point Markos is able to attain a modified arm bar and force Ferrig to submit. Markos is praised by Clark while Esparza vows to avenge Herrig should she and Markos face off in the finals.

The next quarterfinal match-up scheduled to take place will be between Pettis teammates Jessica Penne and Aisling Daly.