Episode 2: Battle Lines Drawn

Following the first loss, American Top Team takes a step back and decides to who to put back into the fight. After talking it over, Dan Lambert and the coaches to decide to put up-and-coming prospect Uros Jurisic into the next match.

During the Blackzilians coaches session, Glenn Robinson and the staff decide to pick Luiz Buscape for the next match.

Later during a training session at the house, the Brackzilians practice gets a little heated as previous match winner Kamarudeen Usman and team member Jason Jackson get into a little argument. Usman later leaves but returns to apologize to Jackson.

At the weigh-ins, after both fighters make weight, gym owners Lambert and Robinson get into an argument over a petty little topic.

Finally at the match Tecia Torres is present to support ATT.

The match consists of two rounds with Buscape taking Jurios down and executing some mild ground-and-pound. Ultimately the match goes two rounds and is called a decision for Buscape.

Dana White does not like the match and criticizes the referee for his lack of action in standing both fighters up as he feels there was little to no action during the duration of the match.

Episode 3: Settling the Score

Following their second win, the Blackzilians are at a high as they’ve won two matches in a row with home gym advantage.

Back at the house, Blackzilian team member Valdir Araujo finds that one of his wine bottles is missing and believes that members of American Top Team may have taken it. When he asks them they initially deny it. However, Michael Graves later admits to his teammates that he indeed drank the win in order to get into the Blackzilians’ head.

Realizing that they need to change their strategy, ATT coaches decide to put in veteran former WSOF Welterweight Champion Steve Carl.

Glenn Robinson and the Blackzilian coaching staff including Rashad Evans decides to put in Araujo.

Things get heated at the weigh-ins when Carl comes in over weight. ATT initially puts Carl in the sauna, but when the Blackzilian coaches and veteran fighters find out about it they don’t like it. Coach Tyrone Spong and fighter Michael Johnson confront ATT about it and Nathan Coy is initially resistant to the idea. Ultimately Carl makes weight.

After weigh-ins ATT coach Din Thomas and team member Robbie Lawler give advice to Carl.

Immediately before the fight Araujo talks about how his claim to fame is that he went to a decision with UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman. 

The match is dominated by Carl who holds Araujo against the cage until the last minute of the fight when Araujo pulls a guillotine choke on Carl forcing him to submit.