Episode 4: Boiling Point

Following their third loss in a row, American Top Team is in a motivational crisis and fighter Steve Montgomery steps up ready to fight. After going back to practice, ATT owner Dan Lambert talks their next pick with the coaching staff and it is agreed that they will send in Montgomery.

Later Glenn Robinson and the Blackzilian coaching staff visits the house and predicts that ATT’s next pick will probably be Nathan Coy. Jorge Santiago then recommends that they choose Carrington Banks for their next bout and the coaching staff including Tyrone Spong agrees.

Unfortunately for ATT, Montgomery later has a seizure due to drinking too much water and not ingesting enough electrolytes which dilutes the sodium in his body. He is taken to the hospital as a result.

As a result, they choose Sabah Homasi as an alternate in case Montgomery which turns out to be the case. Dana White however says he is willing to give Montgomery a chance in the UFC.

During the preparation for the fight, Homasi mentions that his job to support himself outside of fighting is that of a male stripper.

One of the fighters that Homasi trains with during practice is that of Hector Lombard.

At Blackzilian practice, Rashad Evans helps Banks prepare and mentions his time as both a competitor and coach on The Ultimate Fighter mentions it helps out with coaching the fighters on this season.

The actual match is close but ultimately goes to Banks by decision after a third round.

Episode 5: Battle Wounds

The next episode opens with Anthony Johnson giving advice to Carrington Banks following his recent win.

Dan Lambert and the American Top Team coaches agree that Haydar Hassan should go in next whereas the Blackzilians decide to enter Andrews Nakahara into the next match.

During practice, Thiago Alves helps Hassan prepare who also mentions that he is a practicing Muslim who prays five times a day.

There is one fighter who doesn’t make it to the weigh-ins from ATT which is Michael Graves. Everyone on the team is critical of Graves lax attitude following his loss and Dana White believes he needs to get his act together if he hopes to make it in life, let alone the UFC.

The actual lasts less then a minute with Hassan earning ATT their first win of the season. Because it is the first of the second four fights, ATT earns 50 points, propelling them only 50 points behind the Blackzilians.