Episode 10 – Nice and Flowy

After the fight announcements, Chris Gruetzemacher is depressed and Urijah Faber disagrees with the decision to exclude Gruetzemacher.

However, the next day Martin Svensson complains that his elbow is in pain and goes to see a doctor. After an MRI, it is determined that Svensson has a broken elbow and as a result will be removed from the competition.

It is then announced that Artem Lobov‘s new opponent will be Gruetzemacher who is grateful for the second opportunity to fight in the tournament.

Following sometime at the gym, both teams return to the fight house to find that Dana White has set up a pool party for the fighters along with a DJ and women for the men to socialize with. Both sides mingle with the friendly girls, dance, swim, eat and drink. Some of them even go so far as to jump off awnings into the pool and carry girls on their backs into the pool.

At one point Lobov is even able to get a kiss form one of the girls and TJ Dillashaw is also at the party.

There comes a point when Conor McGregor demands that the cameras leave the party so that those at the party can get a little more private party time.

The first quarterfinal fight finally kicks off and the first round consists of Gruetzemacher controlling Lobov with kicks and basic stand up with Lobov trying to find that connection punch to drop Gruetzemacher.

Round two starts off similarly but Lobov is finally able to connect and eventually knocks Gruetzemacher out.

Inbetween fights, Team Faber’s Ryan Hall and Team McGregor’s Saul Rogers talk about their preparation and what they plan on doing for the second quarterfinal.

The first round consists of Rogers and Hall mainly standing on the feet and neither man really getting anything solid in. However, Rogers is able to control the fight for the most part.

Round two consists of Hall trying for a few take downs and submission with Rogers countering for the most part.

After two rounds the match is ultimately ruled as a majority decision as one of the judges scoring the fight as a draw after two rounds.

Because of the two wins for Team Europe, Team USA has only one more chance in the quarterfinals to move someone onto the semifinal round, that sole chance being Julian Erosa and the other quarterfinal being an all McGregor match.