Episode 11 – Bone on Bone

The episode opens with quarterfinal number three about to begin with a bout between Team Europe teammates Marcin Wrzosek and David Teymur.

Conor McGregor talks about how he was expecting that a situation of teammates fighting each other would probably take place as he was confident that his team members would perform better then Team USA.

He also talks about the fact that neither fighter is really being coached by one side or the other and that the coaches didn’t really work either one fighter or the other about a specific fighting strategy going into the fight.

Round one is mostly controlled for the most party by Wrzosek who is better for the most part at the stand up part of the game. He is also able to take Teymur down a few times but isn’t able to really accomplish any ground and pound damage.

The second round consists of much of the same except this time McGregor is verbal in demanding that referee Jason Herzog stand the fighters up which he does towards the end of the round.

McGregor expects that the fight will go to the third round but the fight ends after two. Wrzosek wins the bout by majority decision.

Next is the final quarterfinal fight between Team McGregor’s Abner Lloveras and Team Faber’s Julian Erosa.

Before the fight, Dana White enters the gym immediately before Erosa leading Faber to make a joke that White will be going out with Erosa.

The first round consists of Lloveras controlling the fight on the feet and getting some take downs.

Rounds two is the reverse with Erosa gaining the majority of the advantage and best situations.

Because of how close the fight has been up to this point, the judges score forces a third round. Erosa controls the fight and is able to gain the victory by split decision.

After the fight, Artem Lobov says to White that Erosa didn’t really win either of his two matches but was somehow able to get a victory.

Following the conclusion of the quarterfinals, White makes the match ups for the semifinal round.

The first match up that he makes is between Team McGregor teammates Saul Rogers and Marcin Wrzosek.

Then in the second semifinal match up, White gives into Lobov’s statement and matches him up with the remaining Team Faber member in Erosa.

During the face off, Lobov makes the comment to Erosa that “Christmas is over,” in reference to the controversial decisions.