The episode opens up with the two coaches talking to their respective teams about their upcoming fights.

Conor McGregor talks to his training partner Artem Lobov about what he needs to do in order to win his fight with Julian Erosa and likewise Urijah Faber talks to Erosa about the upcoming fight.

McGregor also talks to Saul Rogers and Marcin Wrzosek about the fact that as teammates they need to face each other and encourages them to be professional about it.

They subsequently train and Rogers says that he intends to keep things business and fight Wrzosek but in the end probably share a beer with him.

The fight happens and in the first round, Rogers is able to maintain control and takes Wrzosek down a few times and keep the striking constant as well as work some ground and pound.

Round two consists of the same except that Rogers is able to eventually take Wrzosek’s back and eventually sink in a rear naked choke.

After the match Faber starts training Erosa and also brings UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo to help train the guys.

Aldo talks about how he and Faber became friends after their fight in World Extreme Cagefighting and also teaches the guys a soccer game which is related to Aldo’s past as a soccer player.

Lobov starts training for the fight as well and talks about how he and McGregor met and how they slowly climbed up the ladder of success. He mentions a fight in Sweden in which he had to sleep on the floor of a small hotel room as compared to when he watched McGregor fight the previous year when he slept in what he described as a “mansion”.

Before the fight, McGregor is shocked to see Aldo with Faber’s team but simply sits on his team’s bench whereas UFC President Dana White was worried that there might be a brawl.

The actual fight lasts only a few minutes as Lobov is able to knock Erosa out very quickly.

Both finalists Lobov and Rogers square off as does McGregor and Aldo for pictures.

After the screen goes blank it’s announced that Rogers was removed from the finale due to “legal issues” which White describes as Rogers lying on his visa and as a result not being able to fly to the US for the finale.

He instead chooses Team Faber member Ryan Hall who lost a close fight to Rogers as his replacement.