Following the preliminary fights and the introduction to the show for the cast, Conor McGregor call in Team Europe for a pep talk.

He explains that he isn’t there to coach them and that while they are technically a team they should rely mostly upon themselves. They should be in shape and ready to train and says that they are good enough to wipe out Team USA and face each other.

The next day, Team USA coach Urijah Faber explains to the team that he wants to build a more team environment and coach the guys hands on to help build them into world champion fighters.

Dana White visits the gym and talks to both teams about something that is changing this season. Both coaches choose one fighter who lost a fight who felt said fighter should get a second chance.

Faber chooses Johnny Nunez while McGregor chooses his teammate Artem Lobov. The rule change is that they’ll be nine fights in the first round but only eight fighters will be selected to the quarterfinals. Quarter finalists will be chosen based on performance.

This new revelation motivates the fighters to perform to their highest so that they will not be the ninth man left out of the tournament.

Later, Faber chooses the first fight in the house: Team Europe’s Frantz Slioa against Team USA and submission expert Ryan Hall.

Following the weigh-ins, Hall explains to his teammates that his constant blinking has to do with the fact that he has Tourette’s syndrome and that he doesn’t strive to be like any fighter in particular but become his own man.

During training, Faber looks to capitalize on Hall’s submission skills to gain the first round victory and because of said skills starts to call Hall the “Wizard”.

Slioa explains during training that even though he’s representing Sweden, he’s originally from Iraq and his family fled because of the war.

As the match starts, Slioa keeps to the game plan of keeping Hall at a distance and stepping out of Hall’s 50/50 position.

However, Hall is eventually able to grab Slioa’s feet and while it takes him a while, Hall secures the submission for the next round. Afterwards he declares that he has more weapons in his arsenal and that his first submission was just the beginning.

With Team USA still in control, Faber next chooses Team USA’s Chris Gruetzemacher to face Team Europe’s Sascha Sharma.