The next episode opens up with Dana White explaining Conor McGregor‘s unique approach to coaching his team.

Conor never shows up for the morning training session which is lead by his assistants and consists of light training, while Conor shows up in the evenings and works on technique.

Later during training, Sascha Sharma talks about how he admires his father for moving from India to pursue a better life in Germany.

During Chris Gruetzemacher‘s training, he reveals that his grandfather was imprisoned in South America before getting a visa to live in the United States. His father subsequently fell in love with his mother while they were in high school. When Gruetzemacher was five his father was murdered and he later joined wrestling as a means of self defense.

On the evening of UFC on Fox 16, the Team Faber coaches come to the house to watch with the team members as TJ Dillashaw defends his UFC Bantamweight Championship against Renan Barao and is able to decisively defeat him.

Immediately before the weigh-ins, McGregor and Urijah Faber have a conversation about the fact that Duane Ludwig left Team Alpha Male to start his own camp and how Dillashaw followed him there. McGregor says that Faber should fight Dillashaw as a way of sorting the issue out and considers Dillashaw and Ludwig’s actions as wrong. Faber however feels that he shouldn’t fight Dillashaw and would much rather move back up to featherweight full time.

During the fight between Gruetzemacher and Sharma, Sharma controls the first round for the most part with take downs, submission attempts and smothering against the cage.

The second round however is very different as Gruetzemacher controls the match with take downs as Sharma is content with pulling guard and working for submissions. During the early part of the round, Gruetzemacher opens up a cut on Sharma.

Because of the difference in the two rounds, the judges give them to each respective fighter and the fight goes to a third round. Round three consists of the same as round two with Gruetzemacher taking down Sharma and Sharma pulling guard.

McGregor starts freaking out during the latter rounds and is disappointed at how Sharma performs and says as much in the locker room.

Since Team Faber won the fight, fight picking control is maintained and Faber chooses to match Tom Gallicchio against Team McGregor’s Marcin Wrzosek and Faber hopes that this will be another win as it chose based stylistically.