Episode 7 – Mental Breakdown

Following the fight announcement Urijah Faber talks about Thanh Le‘s upcoming fight and about his strength’s as a strong stand up fighter.

In the Team Europe room, Martin Svensson claims that all of Team USA’s victories haven’t been through actual fights and claims he will win his bout by actually fighting instead of waffling around.

Back at the house, Le talks about his working so that he can see his son who lives in Nebraska with his mother and how Taekwando was a regular part of his life as his family owns a dojo.

Later on, members of Team Faber begin drinking absinthe and the situation gets out of hand as they begin drinking constantly with drinking games. After the games are done Tom Gallicchio, Julian Erosa and Chris Gruetzmacher sit outside and a confrontation ensues.

Erosa accuses Gruetzmacher of being a “boring fighter” and claims that he would like to fight him right there on the pool deck. Gruetzmacher proceeds to start splashing water and other liquids on Erosa who becomes increasingly aggressive.

Things get so out of hand that Team Europe intervene and separate the two for the night, making jokes to end the confrontation.

The following morning, the team is slightly hung over but Erosa and Gruetzmacher get along and chop the previous evening to the alcohol.

At the weigh-ins, Dana White notes that Svensson versus Le is comparable to the classic striker versus grappler scenario.

After the weigh-ins, Faber decides to take his team to a local thrift store in order to dress up like Team Europe coach Conor McGregor and are able to find most of the materials in the women’s section.

Before the fight begins, TJ Dillashaw helps Le warm up and when McGregor comes out to sit down he is entertained by Team USA’s impersonations of him.

The actual fight starts and the first round is back and forth with Svensson getting some good grappling in while Le is able to get in some good shots.

In the second round, Svensson is able to stop Le’s striking game and is able to take Le down and eventually sink in a rear-naked choke.

Team McGregor celebrates while Team Faber talks about what Le did wrong and how he needs to work on his ground game if he wants to succeed in the sport.

Following the match, McGregor announces that the next match will be between Team Faber’s James Jenkins and Team McGregor’s Artem Lobov.