Episode 8 – Heart Is Not Enough

Following the fight announcements, Conor McGregor and Artem Lobov return to the Team Europe locker room where the two men discuss the strategy for Lobov’s next match.

In the interview, McGregor talks about how Lobov was given another chance and how the two have been training partners for a long time.

During training, Lobov talks about how he is originally from Russia and how due to the economy his family moved to Ireland at a time when the economy was good. He also talks about how he hopes to actually be able to make a living at MMA.

At the weigh-ins, McGregor suggests that Urijah Faber should be on the under card of an event wherein McGregor is headlining to bolster his career.

The fight takes place and while James Jenkins puts up a good fight, as McGregor says it, heart is not enough to win the fight. Lobov keeps the fight standing and as Dana White says is creative in his striking. He eventually drops Jenkins and follows up with strikes on the ground that forces the referee to stop the fight.

With the win, Lobov proved that he deserved the second chance that he was given.

After the fight, McGregor announces that the next fight will be between Team Europe’s David Teymur and Team USA’s Johnny Nunez.

The strategy for Nunez is to use his wrestling to gain the victory and for Teymur to keep the fight standing and use his kickboxing to get the win.

During the warm-ups TJ Dillashaw talks over the strategy with Nunez.

Before the fights begins, McGregor is absent and after waiting fifteen minutes past the usual start time, the Nevada State Athletic Commission informs White that the fight will start.

Round one is back and forth with Teymur primarily controlling most of the action on the feet, while Nunez gets in some wrestling.

The second round consists of Nunez taking control primarily with his wrestling but also has Teymur getting in some good striking as well.

Because of how close the first two rounds were, the judges decide that the fight should go a third round.

At this point McGregor shows up and after the fight complains that the fight wasn’t held up for him.

Teymur ultimately controls the third round and gets the win for Team Europe.

McGregor announces that the final preliminary fight will be between Team Europe’s Abner Lloveras and Team USA’s Jason Gonzalez.