Episode 9 – Bullseye

After talking with their respective fighters, Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber are accompanied by their teams to a place in the Nevada desert for the coaches challenge.

Dana White arrives in a helicopter with Octagon girl Arianny Celeste in tow carrying the cash award for the winning team.

The coaches challenge this season is a watermelon drop in which both coaches have to drop a watermelon onto a target five times to get the most points.

Initially the challenge starts out even until Faber gets the better drops until he’s able to seal the deal with a bullseye on the fifth throw.

In the last preliminary fight, Abner Lloveras from Team Europe faces Jason Gonzalez.

The first fight has points in which both combatants are equal but for the most part is controlled by Lloveras. Rounds two is controlled soundly by Lloveras and after the bell the fight is decided for Lloveras. Lloveras returns to the locker room and lies down on the floor afterwards.

McGregor then references the fact that most of the fighters who won the first round are from his team and that the reason why he told his team members that the competition is ultimately an individual competition.

During the conversation between White, Faber and McGregor, McGregor recommends that Team Faber member Chris Gruetzemacher be the man to be dropped from the competition due to his unimpressive victory over Sascha Sharma.

Faber recommends that Martin Svensson from Team McGregor be dropped from the competition, however White sides with McGregor based on the fact that Svensson finished his fight and Gruetzemacher did not.

The conversation then gets off topic as McGregor and Faber begin to argue about things like money, a potential fight between the two, and whether one or the other is the more popular fighter and thus the more money earning fighter.

White finally brings order and the quarterfinal fights are finally decided. Gruetzemacher is informed that he won’t be continuing but will be kept in reserve in case one of the fighters is injured.

The quarterfinal matches are as follows: Artem Lobov versus Martin Svensson who are both from Team Europe, Saul Rogers from Team Europe versus Ryan Hall from Team USA, Marcin Wrzosek versus David Teymur who are also both from Team Europe, and finally Abner Lloveras from Team Europe versus Julian Erosa of Team USA.

White mentions that while Team USA has only two men in the quarterfinals, it’s still possible for them to pull it off.