In this revival season of The Ultimate Fighter, Dana White meets with the participants at the UFC Apex and talks about this season being a new beginning.

After the meeting the coaches, Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega, both coaching staffs start an evaluation of all the fighters and afterwards Dana does the traditional coin flip for either first draft pick or first fight. Volkanovki wins the coin toss and decides the first pick, leaving the first fight pick to Ortega.

Following the team picks, Ortega chooses the first choice with Team Ortega member Andre Petroski pitted against Team Volkanovski member Aaron Philips.

The episode then goes in-depth about the life of Aaron Philips in Alaska and Andre Petroski in New Jersey and their careers leading up to The Ultimate Fighter.

In the fight, Andre Petroski was able to win by submitting Aaron Philips in a guillotine choke in the first round.

As control remains with Team Ortega, the next fight that’s selected is Ortega member Liudvik Sholinian against number one Team Volkanovki pick Mitch Raposo.

In review this was a good episode that is of similar quality to the later production of the show’s original run which has a more cinematic feel as compared to the earlier days of the show with it’s original reality show run.

It is also fitting that this is the first season that will take place in the UFC Apex facility which was originally created with The Ultimate Fighter in mind.

The season’s format seems to lean towards the earlier seasons of the show as there are no elimination fights to earn a spot on the show. However, judging by the records of the fighters on the show, the minimum requirement of three fights and a winning record are still in place.

Other staples of the show’s format include the coin toss, maintaining fight selection via victory, and an evaluation prior to the team selection are all present.

Some of the qualities of the later part of the show are prevalent as well such as the home videos of the fighters life at home, footage of their fights prior to The Ultimate Fighter, and the talking head interviews are all there.

It will certainly be an interesting season considering the fact that shows like Dana White: Looking for a Fight and the Contender Series have filled in the gap that The Ultimate Fighter formerly filled in the three years since the last season of the show.

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