The episode opens up with Mitch Raposo making a mental recovery over his loss and in denial over the fact that he was defeated by Liudvik Sholinian, whom he viewed himself as superior to.

While Sholinian is in an interview with the film crew, the coaching staff including Brian Ortega comes in and congratulates him on his victory.

During training, Alexander Volkanovski talks about how Ryder Newman wanted to fight Tresean Gore as he views Gore as the best middleweight fighter on Team Ortega and believes that his wrestling style is what will win the match.

He then talks about how he got his nickname Rhino, when he was at a party while wrestling in Virginia.

Gore then talks about how at one point while training, he was living in a car in freezing temperatures with no heater and a window that wouldn’t go down all the way.

Then the audience is shown footage of his life back at home of his family consisting of his wife, Julie, and his infant son, Junior in Georgia. He also talks about how he grew up essentially with no parents and eventually went to juvenile detention.

However, he got out and eventually started fighting at American Top Team – Team Lima with the Lima brothers: Dhiego Lima and Douglas Lima.

At the training for Team Ortega, they talk about how Gore does have a wrestling background that will be able to keep the fight standing so that he can use his superior striking against Newman.

Later, Gore is doing light sparring with teammate Miles Hunsinger, who as an Xtreme Couture teammate of Newman, opts not to disclose anything about Newman to Gore.

Next to be covered is Newman’s life in Las Vegas, which consists of his fighting at the gym and his pursuits outside of MMA, which includes his cleaning business and his plans to become an insurance broker.

Over the next few days, Gore and Newman have some casual encounters but nothing too intense with regards to their upcoming bout.

In the actual fight, Gore is able to follow his game plan to keep the fight standing using his take down defense to keep Newman from taking the fight to the ground.

As a result, the fight is scored for Gore by all three judges.

For the next fight, Team Volkanovski chooses from his team, Dustin Lampros to fight from Team Ortega, Vincent Mordock.

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