After the fight ends, Tresean Gore talks with Ryder Newman back at the house and the two former opponents are cordial towards each other while they sit next to each other eating lunch.

Knowing that the his team members are starting to get discouraged, Alexander Volkanovski encourages the fighters during their practice session and is able to invite a previous winner of the show, Michael Chiesa, to help train and encourage the members of Team Volkanovski.

When he arrives, Chiesa greets his friend and training partner, Brady Hiestand and wishes him a happy birthday.

Later that night, Gore invites Brian Ortega and the coaching staff to the house while he cooks some steaks for dinner and the group relaxes while eating.

Some of the fighters talk about their fatherhood, including Ortega’s two sons.

At the Team Ortega training session, the coaches strategize with Vincent Mordock to make the fight a standing, longer affair taking into consideration the fact that his opponent, Dustin Lampros tends to finish his fights quickly.

Lampros then talked about how his mother underwent several neck surgeries but was still in pain and his problem of taking care of his brother when their mother passed away.

In home videos, Lampros talks about how he was inspired to pursue fighting as a career thanks to a meeting with Tyron Woodley and how he currently trains at Sanford MMA in Florida.

He then talks about how he fights for his brother to be an inspiration for him.

The coaches with Team Ortega then talk to Mordock about how when he had signed with the UFC originally in 2019, a brain scan shows that he had a life threatening brain condition that resulted in emergency surgery to save his life.

Home video then shows Mordock training with Team Alpha Male and his life with his wife and how he met her on a double date with Clay Guida. He then mentions that she’s currently pregnant with their child.

Leading up to the day before weigh-ins, Lampros starts using the sauna and gets moral support from Volkanovski.

The fight remains standing with both fighters active around the Octagon and trading jabs and light punches until Mordock drops Lampros and finishes the fight with punches on the ground.

At the fight announcement, Volkanovski and Ortega start exchanging smack talk on each other and the assistant coaches start joining in.

The announced fight is Kemran Lachinov of Team Ortega against Bryan Battle of Team Volkanovski.

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