There some fight cards and some that had lower expectations actually delivered some memorable matches. Enough about that here we go:

10) The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America – Jose Alberto Quinones vs. Bentley Sylar

This was the first fight of the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America. Coach Cain Velasquez won the coin toss and chose for his Team Mexico member Jose Alberton Quinones to fight Team Latin America member Bentley Sylar. Quinones is a little big for a bantamweight and actually had to weigh in with a towel. The match wasn’t that close as Quinones defeated the practicing doctor by vicious TKO. The victory would actually send the tempo for half of the quarterfinal wins in the favor of Team Mexico.

9) World Series of Fighting 12: Luis Palomino vs. Lewis Gonzalez

The main event of any fight card regardless of the promotion always has high expectations to deliver. In this case, the main event certainly delivered. Like contender Nick Newell, Luis Palomino had fought in the Xtreme Fighting Championship before signing with World Series of Fighting. He’d also had sometime in other organizations such as Bellator giving him an experience edge and it showed when he fought Lewis Gonzalez. The match ended in the first round when Palomino landed a head kick to Gonzalez and ended the match quickly.

8) UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto – Anthony Hamilton vs. Ruan Potts

Here is an example of how the heavyweights are steadily evolving. On the preliminary card of the cursed UFC 177 fight card, Anthony Hamilton and Ruan Potts got the opportunity to showcase themselves on Fox Sports 1. Hamilton rose to the occasion by controlling the first round completely. Then in the second round, Hamilton took Potts down and proceeded to start landing punches to Potts’ rib cage. Anyone who says body shots don’t do anything was proven incorrect when Hamilton actually forced the fight to be finished with the blows.

7) UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto – Bethe Correia vs. Shayna Baszler

Women’s MMA keeps getting better and better and this fight demonstrated that. Veteran Shayna Baszler experienced a heart breaker loss to Julianna Pena during The Ultimate Fighter season 18 but was signed directly to the UFC because of her past experience. Bethe Correia on the other hand went a more roundabout way to get into the promotion and then made a name for herself by defeating Baszler’s teammate Jessamyn Duke. The match had title implications either way but what no one expected was how one sided the match would be. Correia controlled Baszler, basically put her out on her feet, then proceeded to call out Ronda Rousey for a title fight.

6) UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto – Carloes Diego Ferreira vs. Ramsey Nijem

Another match that made the underrated UFC 177 a smashing success, Carloes Diego Ferreira and Ramsey Nijem could both be considered up and coming fighters. However, they had enough experience to fight on a UFC pay per view. The first round was without a doubt a back and forth affair that went pretty well. Then in the second round, Ferreira was able to stop the fight with a technical knockout. The fight was so good in the eyes of Dana White that it was given a Fight of the Night award for the exciting fight card.

5) WSOF 12: Palomino vs. Gonzalez – Brandon Hempleman vs. Alexis Vila

Here’s another example of a veteran versus an up and comer. Alexis Vila had been in more then a few fights and fought some notable opponents in his career. Brandon Hempleman has been coming on the rise though this is probably his most high profile fight. The match was an extremely good fight and it makes it this high on the list because considering the bombs both men were throwing on each other, it’s surprising that neither man was knocked out. Despite the back and forth, Hempleman ultimately got he win because of more aggression.

4) Legacy FC 34 – Austin Lyons vs. Jonathan Brookins – Upset of the Month

Upsets are usually exciting but this match was more on the weird or awkward side then anything else. Jonathan Brookins had a lot of potential when he won The Ultimate Fighter season 12, but he proved to have a mediocre UFC record and was released in 2012. Then he went into a weird cycle of living in India for a year in order to study yoga. He did win his first match out of retirement in March of this year, but he came to Legacy FC 34 having done no actual MMA training, but due to his experience was still over 100o point favorite over up and coming Austin Lyons. The lack of training proved to be his undoing as Lyons aggression earned him the decision victory.

3) UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto – Yancy Medeiros vs. Damon Jackson – Submission of the Month

Submissions can be really impressive if done in an unconventional manner and this is certainly the case. Yancy Medeiros was one of the fighters on the UFC 177 fight card that had an opponent drop out and got a replacement in Damon Jackson. The first round was a back and forth of grappling primarily in Medeiros’ favor. Then in the second round, a scramble resulted in Medeiros locking Jackson in a reverse bulldog choke. The submission earned Medeiros a Submission of the Night and considering the execution, it was well deserved.

2) UFC 177: TJ Dillashaw vs. Joe Soto – Knockout of the Month

This was not supposed to be the main event of UFC 177 as TJ Dillashaw was originally supposed to face Renan Barao in a rematch. However, Barao went to the hospital after experience weight cutting issues and was replaced by Joe Soto who was making his UFC debut. The match was honestly an impressive one as Soto actually hung in with Dillashaw better then Barao did. However, the experience difference showed as Dillashaw was able to knockout Soto with a head kick in the fifth. Dillashaw got a Performance of the Night award for his efforts.

1) UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto – Tony Ferguson vs. Danny Castillo – Fight of the Month

It was the co-main event of UFC 177 and both men had something to prove. They went out there and certainly delivered with a great back and forth affair. Both men have been around for a while and were hoping to establish themselves again. Ultimately the match was so close that the judges scored it a split decision in Tony Ferguson‘s favor. For their efforts they got Fight of the Month from us.