Today the men and women in MMA who take the time to help will be acknowledged. Here are the good Samaritans:

10) Jon Jones

Stopped a robber before his fight with Mauricio Rua. Later on he paid for a woman who had been abandoned by her boyfriend to stay in a hotel with her daughter. Jon Jones would be higher on the list if it were not for his trial.

9) Cathal Pendred

Took an hour to help save a beached baby dolphin by carrying the stranded animal back out to sea in April 2014. The news was reported during the broadcasting of The Ultimate Figher: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn. 

Cathal Pendred saving a baby dolphin.

8) Mayura Dissanayake

Chased away and beat two guys trying to rob his co-worker and held one down until the police arrived to arrest him.

7) Team Quest

Team Quest helped stop the Nashville Brawl when the Scrap Pack jumped Jason Miller following the main event. Their red shirts can be seen in the scuffle trying to pull the Gracie Fighters off of the overwhelmed Miller.

6) Leslie Smith

Beat down a man who groped her friend, initially refused to apologize and took a swung at her before she laid down the whopping on him. He’s fortunate that fellow UFC fighter Heather Jo Clark who was also present didn’t join in.

5) Chris Weidman

Helped out a 92 year old woman who he found bleeding in his home neighborhood after she fell and cut herself. He called 911 twice but was put on hold and proceeded to call a friend of his who was a policeman for assistance.

4) Nick Ring

Stopped 10 assailants who were attacking a couple and then helped to apprehend one of the gangsters with another fellow good Samaritan. Eight of the other thugs were later picked up thanks to Nick Ring‘s initially good deed.

3) Brent Alvarez & Billy Denney

Subdued a man trying to rob the hotel they were staying at gunpoint. Later competed in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament.

2) Roger Huerta

In 2010 got into a fight and knocked out a former college linebacker who knocked out a woman moments before.

1) Guy Mezger 

Back in 2011, he knocked out a guy who was abusing a woman outside of a bar and then proceeded to attack him with a knife. Mezger got a cut on his hand but got it operated on a few days later. The effort earned him number one spot.